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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

London Politics Open Post Tuesday/Wednesday

I had written a whole post about the disconnect between London's Mayor Livingston and Mayor Boris Johnson. The bottom line? Newly elected CONSERVATIVE Mayor Johnson told chavez to take a hike, after defeating LIBERAL Livingstone was accepting kickbacks to keep a PR office open in London and an office in Venezuela. The article can be found at the Opinion Journal section of the Wall Street Journal titled, "No Mas." He also has a few words, as do I, for some of our representatives in Massachusetts.

Side note: If we are so hated the world over, why do Conservatives seem to keep winning? Hmm??? ;)

Why the summary? Because the article I wrote was a little lengthy, and someone come and moved my CPU in the middle of my work. My CPU is rather sensitive, and it became 'unplugged'. Did I lose everything I was on at that time? YES!!! Ugh! (I forgive that person. It's only a story.)

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