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Monday, May 12, 2008

Talon: Congrats Patti! and Vietnam Vets Memorial Fund

Yesterday I submitted two articles to Talon, a milblog, which have been published. They are cross-posted here so you can read them, but you really should visit this new site. This is its third week posting, and there is such a variety of issues that I'm sure will interest you. Go ahead. Mine are over there. Enjoy!

Congrats Patti! 'America's Favorite Mom'.

Our very own Patti Patton-Bader has been voted ‘America’s Favorite Mom’! Let me go back to the beginning. Many of you already know Patti, but there are many who do not. This is for them.

Patti started out sending care packages to her son who was fighting this war. He noticed that some of his buds were not receiving any letters or anything. He mentioned this to his Mother, and she was on it like white on rice. In the beginning, I remember reading about her at Blackfive's. She had e-mailed him to ask if there were any people interested in writing letters and sending care packages. Remember at this time we were all looking for a way we could contribute to the effort and the troops.

Well. It didn’t take long before this poor woman was probably overwhelmed! She never complained. She never said a word about it except, ‘Thank you!’ This was back in ate 2004 or early 2005. She now has over 200,000 volunteers who write letters, send care packages, meets the troops when they arrive home, and provides extra needs for families for families who have to travel to the hospital and much more. Yes, she certainly has been our Soldiers' Angel.

We started voting for her back in March. This was the first part of the contest to qualify. She oblivious qualified. Then we were given another opportunity to vote again this past week, starting with Monday when she, along with two other very qualified Military Moms, were on NBC’s morning program. (Forgive me for not remembering the name of it. That’s proof that I don’t watch it! lol) There were five days with three women from each category last week.

Then on Sunday night, the winner was announced. Patti was very humbled. She does, however, have plans for that $250,000.
Humbled by the honor, Patti is thrilled to be able to use it to continue the Soldiers’ Angels mission of “May No Soldier Go Unloved.” As the grand prize winner, she will receive $250,000, a set of household appliances, and other valuable items. Patti hopes to apply the winnings to her plans for a small ranch that will allow newly returned soldiers to relax with their families after deployments.

“I really am lucky to know so many heroes in my life,” said Patti, who herself has two sons in the Army, one currently deployed to Iraq. “Whether they are the troops who serve our country or the amazing mothers here on this America’s Favorite Mom program, I am honored to be in the presence of such inspirational people and also am humbled to know that America thinks the same of me.”

Patti is also excited about the opportunities this platform gives her to help people learn more about America’s military heroes and options for supporting them and their families. The attention she has received through the America’s Favorite Mom events has already drawn a number of new volunteers who want to use their talents and connections to help support the troops.
This is wonderful news! New volunteers, money to help the troops, and she has been honored in a way she deserves. All in all, this is a wonderful blessing. Congratulations Patti!

Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall Fund.

Talon: Congrats Patti! and Vietnam Vets Memorial FundI wonder how many people understand that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is the only military memorial that the government had nothing to do with its erection? That is correct. Not one red cent. Nice of them to treat our Veterans in such a disgusting manner. Welcome to the Army? Not at that time! Thank God it did not remain this way with the attitude toward those who’ve sworn to put themselves in harms way for our sake. We are strangers to most of these men and women, yet that makes no matter to them. So should we make it matter when called upon by duty to help if and when can? Yes, we should.

That brings me to a radio program I heard at 3:44 am on May 9, 2008. Rusty Humphry was speaking with Holly Rotondi about upcoming events where the keynote speaker will be General George Casey on Memorial Day at 1 pm. Their contact number is (202) 393-0090 and an e-mail address for all who are interested is Memorial Day is May 26, 2008 this year. I have sent an e-mail to confirm the date and receive more information, so please keep up with this. You may also e-mail Holly yourself, if you wish.

General Casey’s father was killed in Vietnam. It has been determined that four more men have died due to causes they received during fighting in the War, and they have been added to The Wall recently. This brings the total to 58,260 people who gave their life‘s** so that we may remain free from communism. Now we must continue the fight to keep it out of our schools, politics, our country.

This new site (to me) is quite remarkable. Here are some of things that they do:
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has many special events, ceremonies and programs focused on preserving the legacy of The Wall, promoting healing and educating about the effects of the Vietnam War.
The so-called end of the war was 25 years ago, and it was remembered last November 4, 2007. Many people still have a desire to understand the Vietnam War, and they have around 4 million visitors per year. They would like to put a face to the names on The Wall. We do not want our Heroes to go faceless, without any remembrance of who they were and how they lived.

Since this was never taxpayer funded, it will cost at least $75-100 million more dollars from donations for this project. Time-Warner has already pledged $10 million dollars. This money will go towards an educational center as well. [I am neither endorsing nor not endorsing this, I am just reporting what I heard.]

This is also on behalf of the Sons and Daughters of those who were taken too soon. The link to this site is It appears to be a good site to me, but you should always check every site for yourself. Thank you, and have a very blessed day.

**I know this word is spelled ‘lives’, but I wanted to individualize each and everyone of them. They have earned at least that much.

PS. I have received an e-mail from Holly, and it has some information you may like.
The annual Memorial Day Observance at The Wall, co-hosted by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and the National Park Service, will be held on Monday, May 26 at 1:00 p.m. at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. The ceremony will feature a keynote address by Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey, Jr. whose father -George William Casey, Sr.- is remembered on 9 West, Row 126 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

For more information on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Center, visit our website at: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
She responded promptly, which gives people props in my book. IMHO.

END. Now it is time for open trackbacks. ;)

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