Friday, July 23, 2004

Iraqi Football Team Victorious over Turkmenistan!

In an exciting battle for a spot at the Asian Championship quarterlies (8 out of 16 teams, 4 games,) the Iraqi team won a 3-2 victory over Turkmenistan. Both teams played well. Iraq scored first, with Turkmenistan scoring soon afterward. Then Hawar Mulla Mohammed, of Iraq, kicked the ball to Ahmed Monajjed, but the ball hit the post and came back to Razan Farhan, of Iraq also, who, with stunning determination, using his head to punt the ball, he scored the second goal. Turkmenistan received a free kick for the second goal, but Iraq did not want a tie. They needed to win this game to make the quarters. The score was 2-2, with only 3 minutes to go when the final blow came. Hawar Mulla Mohommed kicked the ball to Nasha'at Akrram. After running down the field, Nasha'at kicked the ball backed to Hawar who fooled the other team by kicking the ball to Qusai Moneer who made the spectacular winning goal with an amazing head punt! There were no questions about who was going to walk away with this win. The goalie's name is Bassim Abaas, and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) chosen was Razan Farhan. Well done men, and well done Iraq! We are all proud of you. We look forward to the game at Saudi Arabia Monday, July 26. You know you can beat them, so do we. Now, let's let them know it, also!

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