Sunday, July 11, 2004

Radio Free Asia

This is an article about Laos. In Bangkok, the appeals court threw out a claim-by the Laos government for an ongoing appeal since 2000-for the extradition of 16 men who were to stand trial for allegedly robbing a border guard in Laos. The court also ordered the release of these men within 48 hours, and given sanctuary. It is now 6 months later, and the men are being returned to Laos, where they will most certainly be tortured, given a mock trial, and put to death. Go to to read this article. It may be called RFA news: Laos deports or THAILAND SENDS ALLEGED RAIDERS FOR TRIAL IN LAOS. If this article is not the one you want to read, try the archives. Also, go to "home." They have many articles of interest.

Originally posted on My Newz 'n Ideas on 7/11/2004.

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