Friday, August 20, 2004

Democracy in Iraq

Democracy in Progress is a very good site to find information on news that IS fit to print! These 3 brothers have covered many of the stories we have been looking forward to reading. This recent article tells about the National Conference that has just concluded. Were you aware there was a three day, 1000-1300 persons gathering to promote the next 81 people that would represent the Iraqi people? Oh, I'm not surprised. It was barely a whisper in the USA. How sad. Maybe if someone had slugged the chairperson...but then again, they don't want to look too much like American politicians! ;)

National Conference is Born is an article written by Zeyad. It is a very well documented account of the National Conference. Please, read it. His site is Healing Iraq. Zeyad is a very intelligent man who has a heart for Iraq that is very big, and he reports on subjects of many interests. He is working very hard to heal his country, and we should do what we can to help.

Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party is the party that Ali and Mohammed have joined, and they are running for the Assembly (or whatever it ends up being named!) These are two of the three brothers that have been writing Iraq the Model all this time so we would know the truth. Let us continue to support them. Please continue to pray for them. I am calling to arms every man and woman. By arms I mean "put your money where your mouth is!" and "tell everyone you meet or see about the good news in Iraq, including Ali and Mohammed." In America, we have learned to do our fighting at the ballot box, I hope! ;) Everyone have a great and blessed day.

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