Saturday, August 14, 2004

Iraq Wins against Portugal!

Nabil has provided the play by play game of football between Iraq v. Portugal in the 2004 Olympics. Iraq won 4-2 in an amazing upset Friday.

Ays also has an article about the victory of the Iraqis in today's game. Yes, the team played FOR their country because they CHOSE to this time. This is a good and noble cause. They no longer have to play in fear for their lives.

I wonder how many times we will say this before it becomes a faded memory? Sadly, I don't believe many people ever really understood the genocide that took place in Iraq. That is our shame for allowing this to happen. Also, the Iraqis are fighting for freedom from thugs and respect in public opinion. The thug report may be sinister, but the public opinion is very good as to what Iraq can achieve when they are allowed the freedom to dream.

I pray they win the Gold! Godspeed. Olay, olay, olay!

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