Monday, August 2, 2004

Sports versus Politics

It appears that most of the comments I have received are for sports (which I love,) but no one seems interested, so far, in my political writings. That is fine. I am not complaining, just making an observation. I will, however, continue to cover politics.

Well, American Football season has started, and the guys are at their perspective training camps. New coaches, old coaches, rookies, vets, and let us not forget the ever diligent reporters! I am so excited. They will play 4 training games before the official season starts. I hope they allow people-who don't bother paying rip off cable fees-to see the games on regular TV. I want Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles (I know, fat chance!), or Green Bay Packers to win this year's Super Bowl. Hey, I can dream, can't I?!

I will have the results for every game in a format that I haven't actually figured out how to do, yet, but have no fear! When it comes to football, there is always a way! Keep tuning in!

Originally posted at My Newz 'n Ideas.

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