Monday, July 10, 2006

My Thoughts on Current Events

It's me, again. Yes, I just woke up. It's almost 6pm! Holy cow. It was a busy weekend, eh? How do like those Chinese 'partners'? I like them fried. With a little soy sauce.

I am one of those who is of the belief that want domination. Over what and who is the only question for disagreement. You do know they control NK, don't you? That is why they won't put any sanctions on them in that dreaded bastion of useless diplomats known as the UN.

Did anyone see any pictures of the protests against the Iranian regime? I'd like to have some if you come across them. Sunday was the 9th of July, the Day of Remembrance. What are they remembering? I'm so glad you asked!

On July 9, 1999, the students were protesting the way they were being denied human rights, the people disappearing, the people being thrown in prison for no reason except the whim of the IRI. What laws? They also desired democracy and freedom. What a crime, eh?

For this, 17 of them were murdered, hundreds were injured, and thousands were jailed. How would you like to live under those conditions? Think about this the next time you even think about calling our President a name like Hitler. You show your ignorance. That is why no one takes you seriously.

I disagree with the president on many issues. Which ones? Illegal aliens, not funding pro-democracy groups inside Iran, not sending troops to Darfur and getting rid of the janjaweed, he's spending way too much, he's not putting the good news about Iraq on the table so it can be printed, he has taken his eyes off Afghanistan, should I go on?

You don't read me going nuts (too often, lol). If you would come up with a rational thought, maybe people would listen. Please do not insult our intelligence, however. Do not choose a speaker like Sheehan, Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, etc. We not only will not listen, we will never believe you!

Why am I giving you some advise? Because I'd like to bring politics back to a debate. Let us debate the ISSUES, not tear each other from limb to limb. We won't get anywhere that way. I'm sick and tired of going in circles. We are much better than that. If you're not, I am. (lol) Have a great day.

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