Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Collection of My Links Jan.-Mar.

Maybe some of you will understand what I'm doing. Maybe some of you won't. That's okay. You see, I've already lost 27 post-addresses (which I shall retrieve from my archives), because I am only allowed to view and work on the last 300. For this reason, I am going to pull the posts from the DoD Daily News over to this site.

I am just going put their links here, so it shouldn't take up that much room.
New Counter. Mon, Jan. 9, 2006.
War on Terror Update Tue, Jan. 10, 2006.
Links to CounterTerrorismBlog.
War on Terror Update Part 2 1/10/2006.
Links-Newest to CounterTerrorismBlog.
ASY from Coast to Coast and Across the Ocean 1/10/2006.
Links to ASY.
Kabul People Support the Removing of Security Barriers 1/10/2006.
Afghan Warrior.
UN Realizes Iran to Make Nuclear Bomb 1/10/2006.
Daily Briefing on Iran.
*New link for Daily Briefing on Iran.
Is the OBL-itch Dead? 1/10/2006.
Link to Daily Briefing on Iran.
NSA Russell Tice Was FIRED in May 2005 Wed, Jan. 11, 2006.
Link to ABC News investigation.
The Thai Insurgency: Two Years On Thu. Jan. 12, 2006.
Link to CounterTerrorismBlog's 'The Thai Insurgency'.
Article of Concern 1/12/2006. (DoD Daily News)
Coallition Bulletin Fri, 1/13/2006. (DoD Daily News)
Link to CENTCOM.
My Money's on Iraqis: al Qaeda v. Iraqis Mon, Jan. 16, 2006.
Iraq the Model: Dispute over Federalism resurfaces.
Defend America Link. Wed. 1/18/2006. (DoD Daily News)
Facts: Plots, Casings and Infilitrations 1/18/2006. (DoD Daily News)
Links to the White House.
Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service 1/18/2006.
Links to Blackfive.
So You Want to Deal, OBL? Die! Thu, Jan. 19, 2006.
Links to CounterTerrorismBlog.
No Truce with al-Qaida or Osama bin Laden Possible, Cheney Says Fri, Jan. 20, 2006.
Links to US Info.state.gov.
I'm So Excited About Sunday Night! Sat, Jan. 21, 2006.
Links to Pundit Review.
Camp Katrina is Spreading His Wings Sun, Jan. 22, 2006.
Links to Camp Katrina.
Joel Stein VERSUS the USA Military Tue, Jan. 24, 2006.
Links to the LA Times.
NGAUS Legislative Alert Sat, Jan. 28, 2006.
Links to NGAUS.
Breaking News: Two Newsmen Injured in Iraq Sun, Jan. 29, 2006.
Links to AP.
Now we have February:
Camp Katrina Spreads It's WingsFri, Feb. 3, 2006.
Links to Camp Katrina.
Michael Yon Won the Victory! Sat, Feb. 4, 2006.
Links to Pundit Review.
Armed Forces Service Center, Minneapolis - St Paul does not support retirees. 2/4/2006.
SuperBowl XL Sun, 2/5/2006.
Links to NFL.com.
MVP: Pittsburgh's Hines Ward Mon. 2/6/2006.
Links to SportsLine.com.
News from CENTCOM Wed. 2/8/2006.
Now for the rest of the story... 2/8/2006.
News from Iran Thu. 2/9/2006.
President Bush Speaks at NGAUS Today 2/9/2006.
Cpt. Ed on Pundit Review Radio Tonight! Sun. 2/12/2006.
Links to Pundit Review.
Iran's Call for England to Leave Iraq Angers Iraqis Sat. 2/18/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
Ramblings of a Wandering Coyote Sun. 2/19/2006.
Iraq's Long Term Strategy: Join NATO Mon. 2/20/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
The Truth About Iraq Sat. 2/25/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
Daily Briefing on Iran Sun. 2/26/2006.
Doing Well Mon. 2/27/2006.
Links to Centcom.
Afghanis and Animals See Doctor 2/27/2006.
Links to Centcom.
Army Corps of Engineers Finish in Diwaniyah Province 2/27/2006.
Links to Centcom.
Organizers of Protests 2/27/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
What do the Taliban and Yale have in common? Tue. 2/28/2006.
Links to the Opinion Journal.
And here is March:
President Bush Visits MacDill Air Force Base. Wed. 3/1/2006.
America Supports You. Thu. 3/2/2006.
NewsMax Exclusive: Gary Sinise Salutes Troops 3/2/2006.
Celebrate the Life and Honor the Memory of a Fallen Hero 3/2/2006.
Links to Save the Soldiers.com.
Council Discusses the Future of Rawah Fri. 3/3/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
NGAUS Legislative Update 3/3/2006.
Nations Gather in Atlanta for Symposium Sat. 3/4/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
Iraqi Army Medics Install Confidence in Locals 3/4/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
Should the Axis of Evil Extend to Chavez? Sun. 3/5/2006.
Links to www.LaNuevaCuba.com.
It's Unanimous...SCOTUS Rules for ROTC Mon. 3/6/2006.
Links to AP.
Sunshine from Afghanistan Wed. 3/8/2006.
Rumsfeld Visit Surprises Wounded Troops Fri. 3/10/2006.
Two Stories, Two Countries, One Goal 3/10/2006.
US Navy Retires their F-14 'Tomcats". 3/10/2006.
A Century's Defining Moment Sun. 3/12/2006.
Links to Pittsburgh Live.
French Civil War Under Reported 3/12/2006.
Links to CounterTerrorismBlog.
DNI, not Bush, determines what you need to know Mon. 3/13/2006.
Links to the Weekly Standard.
Nassrollah and Sadr in Tehran Tue. 3/14/2006.
Links to RoozOnline.
CENTCOM Adds 'Annual Statement on Posture' Thu. 3/16/2006.
Links to Centcom.
An Iraqi Letter You Should Read Fri. 3/17/2006.
Links to The Online Chaplain.
National Guard Legislation 3/17/2006.
Cache Found in Soccer Field Sat. 3/18/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
Iraqi Army Provides Free Clinic 3/18/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
The Life and Times of Saddam 3/18/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
Navy Returns Fire on Suspected Pirates 3/18/2006.
Links to The Bos'un Locker.
Citizen Reporter Michael Yon Speaks on Iraq Sun. 3/19/2006.
CENTCOM: Week in Review 3/20/2006.
USS Reagan rendering honors USS Arizona. 3/20/2006.
Iraq: The Middle East Model 3/20/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
New CVN 21 design: Northrop Grumman. Mon. 3/21/2006.
Bush: Sept. 11 Lessons Still Relevant in War on Terror Tue. 3/22/2006.
Links to DefenseLink.mil.
NGAUS Legislative Update 24 March 2006 Thu. 3/24/2006.
Links to NGAUS.
NGEF & NGAUS Work Toward New Exhibit 3/24.
Iraqi Army Soldiers Find Multiple Weapons Caches 3/24.
Links to Centcom.
Spirit of America Honored by President Bush 3/24.
What Casey Sheehan Died For Fri. 3/25.
The Burning Situation of Belarus. Sun. 3/26.
Marines Can't Use Political Armor Mon. 3/27.
Links to Yahoo News.
The 'USA Raid' 3/27.
Links to Iraq the Model.
A Soldier's Diary Tue. 3/28.
Links to Big Dog.
Christian Reporter Jill Carroll Free! Fri. 3/31.
Links to CNSNews.com.
Army Bans 'Non-Issue' Armor. 3/31.
USA Cuts ALL Aid to Terrorist Hamas. 3/31.
Well. I screwed up. I have to go back and get the other posts. lol. I would say, "I'll be back", but I'm pretty ticked off at Arnold. What else is new?

Okay. I will admit it. I had no idea there was this much work put into this site. After all, I was rewriting the Bible, writing in my site, editing and writing for a newspaper, and writing for a couple other groups. I think I am going to faint, but I WON'T! Not as long as our men and women are in harms way. This is the very least I can do. :)

I am, however, going to end this post here. I will start the next post with my links from April forward. I will have to see how many posts are there to determine how many months will go into it. Have a great day!

Cross-posted from DoD Daily News-2. It is no longer at that site, but there is a link holding its place.

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