Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Iraqi & US SF capture 30 terrorists, 38 suspected

I would like to comment on this report especially. This is fantastic news. Just as we in America know all about the gang problem we have, it is very difficult to clean up a neighborhood in one day or in one raid.

These men have been out there arresting terrorists day in and day out without a word in the press. All we get to know is how many people died. That includes terrorists! For shame, media.

I would like to my hat off to all the people in the Public Affairs Office. You are doing a fabulous job getting the news out. It is not your fault the media chooses not to report it. I, on the hand, will. Thank you.

Release Date: 9/5/2006
Release Number: 06-09-05P
Created by: Sharbe L. Clark.

CAMP AL ASAD, Iraq - Iraqi police and soldiers, along with U.S. Marines and soldiers from Regimental Combat Team 7, detained 30 confirmed insurgents and 38 suspected insurgents over the weekend throughout the western Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

RCT-7 is the U.S. military unit responsible for western Anbar Province, an area of more than 30,000 square-miles which stretches from the Jordanian and Syrian borders hundreds of miles east to Hit, a city about 70 miles northwest of Ramadi.

U.S. and Iraqi forces detained the known and suspected insurgents through a series of pre-planned and routine counterinsurgency operations.

Iraqi police identified and detained 18 of the 38 captured suspected insurgents in Rawah, Iraq – a city of about 20,000 along the Euphrates River, about 50 miles east of the Iraqi-Syrian border.

One of the suspects captured by Rawah police officers is wanted for suspected involvement with a vehicle suicide bombing against a U.S. military check point in the region July 29. Several more captured in Rawah are suspected of involvement with a recent attack on a Rawah police officer’s family. Police officers in Rawah also discovered two improvised explosive devices there Sunday.

Iraqi and U.S. soldiers detained one known insurgent and 10 suspected insurgents Sunday in Hit, a city of about 60,000, located approximately 70 miles northwest of Ramadi.

Through a variety of counterinsurgency operations Saturday and Sunday, Iraqi police, Iraqi soldiers, and U.S. Marines captured 27 known insurgents and four suspected insurgents in the Haditha Triad, a cluster of three cities – Haditha, Barwanah, and Haqlaniyah – with a combined population of about 90,000. One captured insurgent was part of a four-man insurgent cell operating in Hadithah, another is suspected of having involvement with various small arms attacks against a U.S. base in Barwanah.

U.S. Marines captured six more suspected insurgents Saturday in Sa’dah, a town just east of the Iraqi-Syrian border. Marines also discovered an ordnance cache near the border on Saturday. The cache consisted of 120 mm rockets, 155 mm rockets, and 122 mm rockets.

Text provided by the Public Affairs Officer for MNF-WEST. For more information, contact: mnfwcepaowo AT cemnf-wiraq.usmc DOT mil.

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