Saturday, June 23, 2007

News from my sites

I've written a post telling my readers about my new site. I've decided to use this site as a bulwark against the tide. The tide of having to go here and there and everywhere just to read what I've written. Whatever I write, I will also post at least the title here. Hopefully, there will be enough room for me to write more than the title. Maybe I'll just post the whole thing!

I could post everything here. Why not? It's MY site! Can't you tell? It has my name on it. Remember when you were a child and you would call something because you couldn't reach it from where you were? Such as, "I have the front seat! (of a car)" or "I get the remote control!" or someone would come by and say, "That's my seat," etc. The response would naturally be, "It ain't got your name on it!" Ho hum.

Well, THIS HAS MY NAME ON IT! LOL. Have a great and blessed day.

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