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Daily Quote 7/10-13/2007

Tue. July 10, 2007.
"In the next place, the state governments are, by the very theory of the constitution, essential constituent parts of the general government. They can exist without the latter, but the latter cannot exist without them."

--Joseph Story (Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833); Reference: Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 191.

Will somebody please that to Congress?

Wed. 7/11/07.
"Tis folly in one Nation to look for disinterested favors from another; that it must pay with a portion of its Independence for whatever it may accept under that character; that by such acceptance, it may place itself in the condition of having given equivalents for nominal favours and yet of being reproached with ingratitude for not giving more. There can be no greater error than to expect, or calculate upon real favours from Nation to Nation. 'Tis an illusion which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard."

--George Washington (Farewell Address, 19 September 1796); Reference: Washington's Maxims, 71.

This needs to be taught in our schools. Every grade!

Thu. 7/12/07.
"Remember, my Eliza, you are a Christian."

--Alexander Hamilton (speaking to his grieving wife, 7/12/1804); Reference: Facts and Documments..., Editor of the Evening Post, ed. (23); original letter from David Hosack, August 17, 1804.

What a MAN! Woohoo! Where did they all go?

Fri. 7/13/07.
"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."

--Thomas Jefferson (fair copy of the drafts of the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, 1798); Reference: respect. Quoted.

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