Friday, October 15, 2004

International News: 10.15.2004

Pakistan News.
"Indo-Pak. Peace Treaty talks Move Forward"
By Iftikhar Gilani.

NEW DELHI: India and Pakistan have signed a nine-point agreement to improve cooperation between border forces but India refused Pakistan’s demand to stop fencing and constructions near the border.Indian and Pakistani border forces agreed to combine efforts against border crimes such as smuggling and human trafficking and strengthen border patrols after four days of talks in Chandigarh between India’s Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistan Rangers." Full story. Unfortunately, I learned that I should have stored this article, because many people and newspapers move the articles. My apologies.

I have tried to find that story, but this is as close as I could get:

Peace process moving at ‘good speed’: Musharraf.

Dubai, June 5
Observing that the peace process with India is moving ahead at a “fairly good speed”, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has expressed optimism that issues of Siachen and the construction of the Kishenganga hydro-power project in Jammu and Kashmir will be resolved peacefully.

Musharraf, who arrived on a two-day visit to the UAE yesterday, said the conducive environment of goodwill, witnessed now, had never been there before.

“We have had the joint statement, which was not there earlier when we went to discuss peace with things are moving in the right direction,” he was quoted as saying by the local media here.

“The peace process is moving ahead at a fairly good speed, but it will take time to remove the hatred of 50 years, when both countries went to war three times, besides tens of skirmishes,” he said. — PTI

Source: The Tribune, India.

Yes, it is the whole article. I don't wish to lose the news again!

American firms to establish training centre to help the Pakistan Economy.

"Since there has been 5 years of cooperation with America on the war on terrorism, Pakistan has kick started their economy. Enpointe and Ovex technologies will work together with Pakistan firms to build the centre at a cost of $6 million. 1,000 accounts experts will be trained in the next 2 years. Gov. Maqbool is hopeful the centre will bring about a revolution in e-commerce and technology." Wouldn't it be nice if the only wars were trade wars?!

"...PMKP had decided to hold a two-day ‘World anti-imperialist conference’ in Lahore from November 27, said the communist leader...Political parties from Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Britain and the Philippines had confirmed their participation in the conference... Azeem said it was the form of government system that had failed in the former Soviet Union and not communism or socialism. The communist system was for the welfare of mankind, he said." Full story. [Link is broken. Sorry.]

Radio Free Asia.
"China Busts Trafficking Gang, Rescuing 53 Babies"

HONG KONG—Police in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian have arrested 110 suspected members of a baby-trafficking gang and rescued more than 50 babies, in the latest hint that the problem may be more widespread than authorities can handle." Full story. This link works! :)

International News Analysis Today.
"...Despite a fragile ceasefire signed between the government and the rebels in April, ethnic conflict, attacks on civilians and clashes between Sudanese armed forces and rebels have all increased, Mr Da Silva said. The UN panel appointed by Mr Annan has been given three months to report back on the situation . The US has already spoken of genocide in Darfur while human rights organisations have said attacks on civilians there amount to war crimes." Full story.

Population Loaning Fund Established.
At a press statement, the presidency office said that the meeting was devoted on discussing the security situation in Iraq further for preparing for the elections scheduled in January. 2005." "...The orders included also the agreement on rehiring 33 judges and compensating the victims of the terrorism and removing distinction among populations regards ownership of the lands." Full story. [Broken link.]

ISTANBUL, Oct 15 (AFP) - 17h26 - The husband of Kurdish activist Leyla Zana has been detained on arrival here after returning home for the first time after nearly nine years." "The husband of Kurdish activist Leyla Zana road in exile..." Full story. [Another freaking broken link.]

This is a story I recommend you read. The Kurdish peoples helped us tremendously. Now it is time for us to help them. You should visit a great Kurdish site at Kurdistan Bloggers Union (KBU).

Sorry about the missing links. This happened in my very beginning of getting my own site. I have learned so much since then. (Hardly enough!) Just for your convenience, I have started keeping a record of writings just in case this occurred again. I don't remember how long ago I started this site, but it is mostly what others have written. Some of it includes other writers at Love America First. This makes sense, because the name of the site I am referring to is Love America First-2.) :)

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