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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Press Conference and Divestment from Iran

There is going to be press conference today in Washington, DC, to garner the attention of our Congressmembers and, hopefully, all government officials across this country. I would appreciate it if you are close enough, please attend this conference. If you are unable to, then please check out this information.
    Taking Action against the Iranian Nuclear Threat.

    All U.S. Presidential Candidates Invited

    Confirmed Speakers from The Israel Project's Board of Advisors Include:
    U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, U.S Rep. Eliot Engel,
    U.S. Rep. Jon Porter and U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman

    What: Unveiling of a 75,000-signature petition calling for Iran to halt its nuclear program and support of terrorism. Iran's nuclear program and support of terrorism are funded in part through U.S. companies and state pension funds. Thus, the petition is being delivered to companies that do business in or with Iran; every U.S. state treasurer and governor; every U.S. senator and U.S. representative; 183 heads of state; every ambassador assigned to the United States and every ambassador assigned to the United Nations; major religious leaders including the Pope and the Dalai Lama; and the head of the IAEA.

    Who: All presidential candidates have been invited to speak and/or send a statement. U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), chairman of the congressional subcommittee on terrorism, nonproliferation and trade; U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.); Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.); U.S. Rep. Jon Porter (R-Nev.); and Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, founder and president of The Israel Project also will speak. Q&A session to follow.

    When: Thurs., July 19, 2 p.m. (EST)

    Where: Room HC-7 in the U.S. Capitol Building (south door entrance)

    RSVP Required
    Please RSVP to Michal Slawny at Michals at The Israel or call 202-857-2766
For the Press Kit, I have to write this is the next article. As soon as I do, I will be back with the URL. Thank you.

Here is the link of the Kit that I promised: Press Kit for Iran Divestment. Remember to search for more references so that you can either be sure or dismiss any links that are true or false. I believe them to be true, that is why I am doing this. I just want you to feel free to do the same. Have a great day!


  1. Rosemary; That is good research, am very impressed. I will be back on your site, to read more of your blog.
    Keep it it up girl.
    I see that you are one of those hit chicks that Blog.

  2. Oh one more thing ; this your new Buddy, Lummpy

  3. I would say, "Thank you, Lummpy, for such a sweet compliment," but I did not do all the research. That is why I encourage everyone to do so. I was very tired, but I just got the news last night and had to put it out there (about the press conference).

    I did go to each site to make sure of its existence, but most of them belonged to the same group that was having the conference! I never did like that. I can write something, tell you check the facts, and I'm the one who wrote the facts, too? OMG! lol.

    I trust the Israel Project, because I have been working with them for a while. I have also been working a few 'ME' people. Most things seem to be accurate. Of course, there is always that ONE person who will point to a missing comma or period (usually me, lol), but what can you do? lol

    I just wanted people and you to know that I did not spend the amount of time on this that I should have. I have slept on the computer for the last week, so I decided to get this done and get some rest.

    Have a blessed day. :)

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. This is what's needed the most to bring the monstrous mullahs down. Please keep us posted.

  5. Check out this IR apologist at NIAC.

    He is lobbying Washington round the clock to prevent further sanctions against Iran.

    NIAC is the Persian Version of CAIR.

  6. OMG! NO! Not another one. Well, we'll fight him too! I'll read that as soon as I get through some of my email. (I only have 76 to go! *laughing, crying, laughing*

  7. i just got say once you did a fine job on this post, i came back and read it again.

  8. Ah, I've done that before. Just to let someone know that I've been thinking about them. That is very kind.

    Sometimes we don't enough time to read everything. That's quite alright. That is why sometimes you will see: "OT:" which means Off Topic. You are welcome to do this. :)


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