Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shrek's Mom asks for Courage

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This is an email I received. Without further ado, please read it. It is from Shrek's Mom.

Families United Call to Action - United for a Strong America!

Your Voice needs to be heard today! You've seen the news today. General Petraeus presented to the President his PRELIMINARY Report. The congressional leadership are referring to it as done/final and are again discussing legislation aimed at undermining our Troops while they are in harms way - protecting us! They are discussing bringing them home - before they complete their mission.

They are discussing ways to weaken our country by weakening our military - tying their hands when they've been asked to do a job that they are succeeding at! The surge is finally at it's full strength and some leaders are saying it has failed - without ever giving it a chance to succeed! I don't know about you but this feels like they are aiding the enemy! In fact - this is exactly what the enemy wants!

Is that what you want? Is that the future you want for your children and grandchildren? Is that what your son/daughter/spouse/mom/dad/neighbor fought for? In Iraq ... Afghanistan ... Vietnam ... Korea ... WWII?

I didn't think so. Now - today is the day to do something about it. Please take a few moments today to email or call your congressional leaders and let them know where you stand and that you need them to work and speak out for victory in Iraq, that you expect them to provide the Troops with the funds they need to be successful on the war on terror, and they need to start standing United for a Strong America!

Here's how to start - call your congressional leaders that ARE supporting the Troops and Their Mission and thank them for doing so. Tell them you appreciate it and will continue to support them. Many of these legislators are being hounded by the "anti-war anti-military success" crowd and need our support! Then, pick up the phone and call your legislators that are working against our Troops.

Of course you will just be getting started - then it's time to call your friends who believe the same and urge them to call too!

Please let me know the representatives you have contacted and their response to your message - if any. Please know that you may only get to leave a message with one of the aides, but those messages do get passed on. Email me at Provide me with the date of contact, legislator, and response if any.

Here is a list of Senators that the we hope you will contact today. These representatives are wavering and need to hear from you:
Keep Informed - Check these links for facts - Make them a part of your daily newsbrief!
The White House - Presidential Press Conference with Link to the Preliminary Report.
Defend America.Mil.
For The Record - Defense Link.
Iraq Fact Check - Responding to Key Myths.
Heroes in the War on Terror - Defense Link.
Michael Yon On-Line.
The Weekly Standard.
Vets for Freedom.
(And one of my favorites, Iraq the Model.)
Call Tips

When you call the legislators, a few important things to remember:
Always be courteous. The person answering the phone is likely a young staffer.
If you are calling a Senator/Representative who represents your home state, say "I am from [City, State] and am a (Gold/Blue Star Mom/Dad, Veteran, Patriotic American). I recently returned from Iraq [or insert relevant experience] and I respectfully request to speak with Senator/Representative [name]." When they ask to take a message, say "I'm calling to ask Senator [name] not to support a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq . Because [cite three reasons below]... Please pass along this message to the Senator."

If you are calling a Senator/Representative who is not from your state, say "I am a veteran of the Iraq War [or insert relevant experience] who served with [insert unit] in [insert location] from [insert dates]. I am calling to ask Senator [name] not to support a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq. Because [cite three reasons below]... Please pass along this message to the Senator."

If you are calling a Senator/Representative who is not from your state, please be patient yet persistent. Remember that they are making decisions that affect more than their state - they affect your heroes in harms way from every state!

In the future, we will be asking Families United members to request personal meeting with Senators and Representative both in their home districts and on Capitol Hill, so make sure you get the relevant contact information from the person you're speaking with so you can follow up.
General Petraeus deserves enough time to implement a winning counter-insurgency strategy in Iraq.

Retreat means a failed state in Iraq and a safe haven for Al Qaeda to plan future attacks against America and her allies.

Decisions about Iraq should be made by military commanders and generals on the ground-not politicians in Washington, DC
My deepest thanks to you for reaching out to our leadership in this way. It is working together and stand United for a Strong America that we honor our heroic men and women serving us in our Armed Forces.

Merrilee Carlson, Chair
Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission
Shrek's mom.

America - Home of the Free because of the Brave!

I hope many of you will heed her wishes. This is our country and our countrymen who are in danger, whether or not they realize it. These men and women are giving up everything so that we may preserve that which is here at home. What is the sense in fighting if you have no home to come back to after all is said done?

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