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Friday, July 20, 2007

There are 5 Americans being held hostage in Iran

Here we go again. Let's see what this cowboy is going to do. Will he turn out to be another Jimmy Carter to our shame, or will he do the responsible thing and get our citizens back? Only time will tell. It has already been since May.

I do not want to hear anything more about talking to these maniacs. I am ready to go in for our own. Call me whatever you like, I have been holding back from war for a very long time. If we do nothing but talk now, in the eyes of the Middle East, we have lost all credibility. Would you please remind the Left that this is not good for what they call, "Relationships" in the world!

Frankly, I don't give a hoot what the rest of the world thinks except in one sense: Fear us. As long as they fear us, they will not attack us. These are just the simple facts of war. Do you want to stop wars? Make your enemy afraid. It is just that simple.

The three people who the IRG have captured and thrown into jail are Dr. Haleh Esfandiari, director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Kian Tajbakhsh who is a respected Urban Planner and sociologist working for the Open Society Institute, Ali Shakeri, a peace activist, Parnaz Azima, a correspondent working for Radio Farda, the joint Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty–Voice of America Persian-language radio broadcast to Iran, and Robert Levinson who disappeared in early March during a visit to Iran's Kish Island and is believed to be held by the Iranian authorities. Levinson, a retired FBI agent, reportedly had traveled to Iran to investigate a matter on behalf of a private client.

The charges are as follows:
While on the way to airport after a visit with her 93 year old mother, some thugs (IRG probably) stole her passport. This 67 year old grandmother has been charged with being involved with a propaganda campaign to foment a "soft revolution" against the brutal clerical regime.

Kian Tajbakhsh has been charged with "seeking the overthrow of the Iranian government. He and Esfandiari are being held in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison, which contains many other Iranian political prisoners and dissidents."

Ali Shakeri and Parnaz Azima may be joining them soon due to trumpt-up charges. Panaz has been charged (because she works for RFE) of "an institution that spreads propaganda against the Islamic Republic." (And the Europeans still want to have more talks?)

At least Radio Free Europe did not sit on their hands. They used some very strong 'words' toward the Iranian regime. How about you, Mr. President?

The Iranians are hoping to use this former FBI Agent as a pawn to gain leverage in the release of the bastards we caught.
While some may think this is related to Bush in some way, let me make this clear. These arrests started in December of last year, and they got worse when the Iranian regime started cracking down on any dissent. Not every damn thing is George Bush' fault.

Remember. All of these people had passports which were confiscated, and most of them have dual-citizenship.

Sources: The Jawa Report, Iran's Growing List of Hostages and The Invisible Crisis: What if Iran took hostages and no one noticed? (I highly recommend all of these, especially the last two. I found them through google, but you have to add the year 2007, or you will get Jimmy Carter stuff.) Digg This Story Digg!

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  1. I'm getting a late start today, so sorry to take so long getting back to you.

    I agree with you completely. The White House has said little or nothing about these people. There are three, as you have mentioned, but rumors of more, as many as 6. So Bush needs to get off his duff and do something.

    We have let Iran run this show for years now. The UN sanctions are putting a financial crimp on Ahmadinejad, but that doesn't matter.

    He cares not for the people, for finances, for anything except Islam. He feels like he is called for a purpose and nothing will stand in front of him accomplishing his mission.

    We need to "send in the planes" and drop some bombs in the right places. The British sailors were a 'test' and they failed, they wimped out. It looks like we are wimping out also.

    It's terrible.

    Very good article Rosemary.

  2. Debbie is so spot on in recognizing the fact that these maniacs don't care about anything except spreading Islam.

    Great post Rosemary.

  3. Rosemary we have a new blog:

    Attention, Counter-Propagandists!

    From this source:

    Bloggers, clear your calendars Sunday, July 22, through Friday, July 27. Some real propaganda bombshells are bound to be dropped, and you’ll want to be there when “several leading Muslim clerics and thinkers from around the globe will participate in an unprecedented online dialogue about their religion, terrorism and human rights.”

    The “dialogue,” sponsored by The Washington Post and Newsweek Interactive and presented in conjunction with Georgetown University, has been dubbed “Muslims Speak Out” and will take place at On Faith, a blog operated as a joint effort of the Post and Newsweek.

    Always on Watch is one our writers.

  4. Hi Debbie and Serendip. Thank you both for your input. I thought I may have gone over the top, but I was trying to hold back. There were many choice words I almost used! I remember 1979. This should be their downfall, and what do we here?

    Well, President Cheney might handle it! I called the WH when I heard that the president was going into the hospital for a small operation and leaving Cheney as acting president! LOL.

    Looks like a nice idea, Serendip. Always on Watch is a pretty good catch. So is Right Truth. Heck, so are you! :)

    Have a nice weekend ladies. You know where to find me. (I've moved everything from July 5, 2004--Sept. 10, 2004. That's from My Newz 'n Ideas. It looks like I'm going to have to keep that one so I can have trackback. lol. Oh well. God bless you ladies.

  5. Once again good job, Rosemary. Well I hope Chaneny, and the rest of the white house push bush to act now.

    well i stop back for info, i know you will keep us posted.

  6. Rosemary, am I mistaken, or are these folks the ones that George Soros sent to Iran to create a dialogue with Ahmadinejad?

  7. Yes and no. Mostly not. The elder ladies went to visit their mothers, and I believe there is only one or two who came as a peace-activist. Then again, I am not aware if they were sent by Sorosturdistan. :)

    Thank you, Mike. I'm going to be watching to see what happens. There has to be an end to this. Fool us once (well, Jimmy carter anyway), shame on you. Fool us twice, you're dead. Period. End of debate. That's the way I see it, but then again 'they' will call me a warmonger. Let them.

    I will not bother letting them know what I have done behind the scenes to prevent just what is happening. Duel citizenship is a two-way street. Why do we have this with Iran anyway? If you don't want to be American, fine! All you have to do is SWEAR ALLEGIENCE TO THIS COUNTRY and none other. I can't really say more. I have tried my darnedest to stop this, though...


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