Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Uyghur's women and girls taken as slaves

This is an article that really bothers me. Anything to do with slavery bothers me to the point no one has ever seen from me. It does not matter the color, the location, the race, the religion, or whatever else there is. IT IS WRONG! I believe it is also a SIN against God.

Yes, it is in the Bible. So is adultry. Why, some may ask? I can answer this. To show us the damages that sins cause, and to teach us how to live and be better people than that. God did not create slavery, man did. If you want to blame it on someone, look into your own heart first. Always, no matter the situation. That is a good rule.

Back to the article. In the area of Uyghur, a minority Muslim part of northwest China, it is very poor. So when the local officials came around telling the families about a 'training program' (to work in factories) for the women and girls for which they would be paid 500 yuan per month in the beginning, and later they would be paid up to 900 yuan.

It comes as no surprise to me, but they have received no pay. There are 213 girls that we know of who signed up for this 'program'. If you would like to read the actual article, it is from Radio Free Asia and over at Love America First-2. Please read it, because there is more. The parents and the girls who manage to escape and return home are being punished and made to go back without pay. It is a crime against humanity. Where are the Human Rights groups?!

Do you think we should say something? I do. Do you think we should stop trading with them? I do. Are you are 'free-market' person? I was, until I decided to become a FAIR trader.

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