Thursday, August 23, 2007

NFL Pre-season week #3

Holy cow, this one snuck up on me. Green Bay is beginning to play, and I am busy doing something else. They're playing Jacksonville, and I'll stay with my Packers. (Jaguars v Packers) I'll be back to fill in the rest. Thanks.

Oh well. I should have known better than to stick by my Packers. Everytime I do, I jinx them. Also, I don't know if the Jaguars have a fine defense or if the Packers are just back to their same old routine of turning over the ball. Anyway, the final score was Jacksonville Jaguars 21; Green Bay Packers 13.

New Orleans Saints are kicking Kansas City Chiefs butt! I can't choose one in this game, because it is the 4th quarter with 1:18 to go. It wouldn't be fair. lol. I can conclude, with the score being New Orlean Saints 30; Kansas City Chiefs 7, that the Saints have it in the bag. It is now a done deal, and the score stands. On to Friday's games.

I'm just going to give the name of the team and the time of the game. My mouse died, and this one really awkward. Thank you for your patience.

Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills @ 7pm EST. I pick the Bills. TEN 28; BUF 17.
New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers @ 8pm EST. I don't like either team, so I'll go with the Panthers. NE 24; CAR 7.
St. Louis Rams vs Oakland Raiders @ 10pm EST. Oh, it's on! Raiders are going to destroy you! STL 10; OAK 20! Eat dirt, Rams.

Detroit Lions vs Indianapolis Colts @ 7pm EST. I have no idea, but I like both teams. DET 10; IND 37.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Miami Dolphins @ 7:30pm EST. Oh LORD. If I root for the young Dolphins, they'll lose. If I root for the Bucs, the Dolphins will win. Decisions, decisions. lol. Dolphins. TB 31; MIA 28.
Baltimore Ravens vs Washington Redskins @ 8pm EST. I have to go to sleep now, because my body says so...Redskins. BAL 7; WAS 13.

I'm baaaack! lol
San Francisco '49ers vs Chicago Bears @ 8pm. Oh, this is tough. Should I? Okay. I'm going with the Bears. SF 28; CHI 31.
NY Jets vs NY Giants @ 8pm. I'm going to stick with the Giants, although I won't be disappointed if the Jets win. NYJ 20; NYG 12.
Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans @ 8pm. Hmm. Texans? DAL 16; HOU 28.
Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks @ 9pm. The Vikings are pretty good, but I'm going with the Seahawks. MIN 13; SEA 30.
Cleveland Browns vs Denver Broncos @ 9pm. Denver, but I'd prefer Cleveland. CLE 17; DEN 16.
San Diego Chargers vs Arizona Cardinals @ 10pm. San Diego, of course. :) SD 33; ARI 31.

Philadephia Eagles vs Pittsburgh Steelers @ 8pm. EAGLES. PHI 13; PIT 27.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons @ 8pm. No comment. CIN 19; ATL 24.

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