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Friday, November 30, 2007

CentCom Round-up and other news

There are some articles which seem to miss the newspapers and dead news for which I deem important, therefore I will be sharing them with you. Our Military is doing one heck of a job, and they deserve any and all recognition we can offer them. Please write some at your own site. You don't have to be in the Military to write about it. Just ask the NY Times! /sarcasm

RCT-2 takes to the skies to cover AO.

In a 30,000 square mile patch of desert, roughly the size of South Carolina, it isn’t easy to have eyes and ears everywhere. Regimental Combat Team 2, the unit in control of the northwestern piece of Iraq’s Al Anbar Province, has taken an elevated approach to the problem, and regularly fields an Aero Scout group to the far corners, cliffs and caves of the western Euphrates River valley. MORE.

This next article from CentCom is pretty riveting. Four men against over thirty trucks with heavy weapons, they are successful. It is an amazing story. I can only imagine it is one of many just like his.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I am falling asleep. Therefore I shall add some news articles when I wake up. The link to this previous article is Pilots' valor honored for thwarting ambush. (Source: It is fascinating, and I wish there were more like these out there.

Update: The Army/Navy game is on, so the other news will be posted on my next article. Now it's back to the Army-3; Navy-38 game. GO NAVY!

Update 2: The final score is in, 3-38, but it is not reflective of the great game the Army played. They had some very unfortunate things happen. Two fumbles, one at the ten yard line which we scored a touchdown, and the other was on the one yard line. You held our defense pretty well and our offense. I think you just gave up in the fourth quarter when the score was 3-24. (This was also the score at halftime.) It was a great game, and everyone should be proud the teams. Godspeed.

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