Monday, January 28, 2008

It's been a long day

Today I went back to the hospital to get medication for my epilepsy, and I met a met a man who met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. WOW. He was nine when he met him, and this man-himself-was pretty remarkable. He was very kind. He was my bus driver, and I must say-a very good one at that! A lady pulled out right in front of us, and he had no problem missing her. (We were turning. Many other bus drivers would have plowed her down. Oh, wait a minute, we're not in New York anymore, are we?)

I get to the hospital (there are many clinics in Harbor/UCLA student hospital), and I have to go through screening. What a freakin' trip. Now you have to picture this. I'm using a walker, I'm wearing a heavy sweater that buttons because it is raining (HAHAHA, it was trickling), I have one wrist that still doesn't work right (it's very painful to pick up a soda, let alone a walker!), gotta empty those pockets (I learned from before to put everything in my other pocket, the hand that I could use), get through that, gotta go get blood tests, going through the x-ray machine they took off the two bags my brother tied onto my walker so I don't have to carry anything), and there I am. Bagless, wristless, and useless!

I wanted to poke them in the eye when they said, "Well, you would have gone around, we wouldn't have to do this." WHAT? WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO??? Argghhh! So I'm standing there. Looking like an idiot. Yup. I cannot tie the bags back on, and no one was going to help me. No one did. I managed to get home, ate, and fell asleep. Missed the State of the Union (so what, right?!), and here I am. Oh, my bandaged/cast came apart, so I had to fix that. Thank God I was at home when it happened. I think I may have lost it otherwise. LOL.

No, I wouldn't have lost it, but sometimes it's fun to think of what that would look/feel like. Anyone have any ideas or pictures of what it would look like if I flipped out? I'd love to read/see them! Have a morning (Hey, I just woke up!).

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