Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Berkeley Protest(s) and updates

I was unable to make it to Berkeley today, but I have some very good links that I can introduce to you and links of which you are already aware. This first link is one of a very good writer. I could not tell which side of the protest he would be defending, which means he was very professional. It's a shame he is not a journalist.

His blog is Political Blotter and his article is The scene at the Berkeley Marine protest. He has pictures, quotes, and links. I recommend his site, because I was impressed by it. Stop over and encourage him. He did a very good job.

Move America Forward has some pictures available right now, and they will be updating when possible. I'm sure they will be writing a post later, because they are quite busy at the moment protesting the crazy city council at Berkeley.

The Mercury News was off to an early start this morning with this article: Protesters off to early start outside Berkeley City Council chambers. However, I am unable at this time to find many (if any) national news coverage of this event. They were there, oh yes they were. I guess this just another one of those news stories we don't need to know about. Funny thing, ya know. National security secrets? Oh yes, we have a perfect right to know about those, along with al Qaida knowing, but when we stand up for our military? Nah, it's just racist, nazi-like behavior, right? They can go to hell if they do NOT cover this...updates to come later.

Inside Bay Area has an article also: Pro-Marine protesters begin new rally leading up to Berkeley council meeting. They may have more news later. Now onto our next story.

There was also a march on Toledo, Ohio's city hall today at 3pm. The city council was trying to push through an apology for telling our troops they could not train in their abandoned part of downtown. Mind you, they knew they were coming, and they are not the ones who told our troops they could not use the area. It is the stupid mayor who can't make up his mind why he told them to pack it up, but he is the one who owes our men and women in the military an apology. I don't know if that will be covered either.

Update: Josh was kind enough to respond to me. He IS a journalist! It is so refreshing to read his articles. I am waiting for his approval to add him to my sidebar, and I shall be bringing you articles from him every now and then. Just to let you know.

I also have a few more articles to add, but my computer is trying to shut down on me. Updates and all that. I shall return, God willing!

Update 2: Hat tip: Little Green Footballs for Zombie's pictures. Here is an update from Michelle Malkin. She covered the protest from beginning untill 5:33 pm. I want to find someone who actually got inside to hear the council's reaction and our side of the story...

Update 3: It's about time. Everyone is talking about change, but they have no plans and will not tell us what dasterdly changes they wish put on our saddled shoulders. Finally, someone with 'A New Tone' has juevos! This post is called, 'D-Day Has Come To The Pink City.' It has fresh news and more details about last evening. (It is in the a.m. now.) Thank you for this post. Good work!

Correction: Um...that is A Newt One, not a new tone. Sorry.

Update 4: Finally. I have some news from TownHall.com. Michelle Locke has written "Berkeley Eases Anti-Marines Stance." It is quite interesting that pictures like these escaped the view of some people. I guess maybe it's just me, eh? Anyway, she did write a pretty informative post. There were about 2000 people who showed up, total, at the height of the protest. The council was in session until the wee hours. Instead of an apology, they decided not to send the letter stating that the Marines were not wanted. Instead, they just wanted to send a message that they were against Bush's war. Bush's war? The Republican's war? THIS IS WWIV, YOU FREAKIN' IDIOTS. Oh yes, before I forget, they said that the Marines have a right to exist. How nice. They sound like freakin' Hamas and Hizbullah! Please read her article, and have a good day.

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