Monday, February 4, 2008

If voting for Romney, you need to know this

I have run across some very damning information that, IF TRUE, is shocking. I do believe you should read this, because we are about to choose the next president. I believe we should be informed before we do. The only way I can describe this new information is to give you link to this site: The Underground Journal, "Warning to Voters: Romney Cover Up" as reported by WorldNetDaily and LifeSite News (related: Conservative Lawyers', Leaders, Activists' Stern Warning to Conservative 'Elites'); It's Not A Conspiracy. It's Just A Cover-up. PART 3. Here are parts 1 and 2.

I, myself, am at a loss for a candidate. I have known, pretty much, all along that I would not be voting for McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Paul, and most of the others. My candidate, Duncan Hunter, has pulled out of the race. I was then going to vote for Fred, until he pulled out of the race. Then I thought Rudy was my last choice, because I know Rudy would at least protect us from the Saudis. He has guts. Now I have no dog in this fight. It is not as though I have anything personally against Mr. Romney. I just don't like it when people lie to me. McCain? You really think you can call me a racist because I disagree with your open borders policy and I will have any inkling to vote for you? HA! Huckabee? Wait until you have been in the shoes President Bush has had to fill before you start talking about a 'bunker mentallity'. You idiot. Doesn't anyone remember September 11, 2001, anymore?

I'm going to vote for Duncan Hunter, anyway. Screw it. At least I'll preserve my principles, and I will have voted. Whoever everyone nominates for the Republican, I may support. I do believe it is of the upmost importance that we remember our troops this election. They want to finish what they started. They do not want their friends to have died needlessly. I must swallow my selfishness in November, and remember them. That is what I am going to do. How about you?

Hat tip: Gregg from Pundit Review and The Underground Journal. PLEASE write about this if you find it convincing and TRUE. Thank you. (I believe it to be true, but this is politics. I know everyone gets pretty irrate about now. That is why I told you the process I went through.) Have a nice day.

Update: To be fair, I will post my friend Gregg's article today in Why I'm Voting for Mike Huckabee. It is quite informative, while I still disagree with his choice. I tried to get him to vote for Duncan Hunter, but he thinks just because someone is out the race he shouldn't vote for him. Imagine that? lol. I forgive him. ;)

Update II: Okay. I have decided to vote Mike Huckabee. I'm sick and tired of people trying to tell me how to vote. Mike is Viable! He is also on the first tier of candidates. Did you know that? NO? That's because the media is trying to get us to elect someone we don't want. Listen up. You vote for whomever you choose to vote for, and let the chips fall where may. I've always wondered why, if Romney has 20% and McCain has 20%, where is the other 60%??? Hmm..

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