Monday, February 11, 2008

Looking forward to your input

Hi. If you haven't noticed, it is very difficult to predict what you may find when you come to this site. Sometimes I write about the military, other times I write about religion or personal religious topics, and yet other times I may have something funny up there. Okay, maybe not as often on the funny side, but I do it when I have time. lol.

That is because I used to have eight different sites where I could write about human rights, the military, my love for America, Iraqi bloggers, Afghanistani bloggers, even Egypian bloggers! I also write about free speech, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Amendments, and good articles I read from other bloggers and news stories. I write about Asia, South America, Africa, Darfur, etc. So you can see there is quite a diversity of thought.

What I am having difficulty with is writing more than one story when I use the Open Trackbacks. How do you guys do it??? (lol) I find myself so backed up that I have to put all of the news from different countries into the same post. That doesn't help the reader much (nor me with google searches), because they don't have any idea of the articles. They just get the title. What kind of help is that? Sure, it tells of which topic, but that's it. Oh well.

I am looking for input about the variety of topics that I write. Which topics do you like? Which topics could you do without? Not that I'll stop writing about them, but just so I can get an idea what my readers like. I know what I like. It's time I heard from you about what you like.

BTW, did you know that East Timor leader in hospital after rebel attack, Ramos-Horta is flown to Australia, which also plans to boost peacekeepers? Why haven't we heard this? He (the president) was shot in the chest and stomach, and the Prime Minister escaped after a separate 'rebel' attacked him. They are pretty sure the president is going to be okay.

On another note, Gang grabs $163 million of art in Zurich, Three masked thieves steal four paintings: by Cezanne, Degas, Van Gogh and Monet. (Holy cow!) Sunday night, a few minutes before closing, it only took them two minutes to get away this. But did they really get away? Do they really think those ski-masks disguised them? Hmm. Let us hope not. Have a great day!

Update: Here are a few links I want to read, and I thought you may link to read them also:
Police Arrest Several Suspects in Plot to Kill Muhammad Cartoonist, Fox News
Chinese Experts Configure Attack on Taiwan, Study Says, CNSNews
Fury Builds in Berkeley Over City's Anti-Military Resolutions, CNSNews
Putin's Torture Colonies, WSJ
Lowering the Bar, WSJ
Korean Intelligence WSJ
I hope you enjoy them, or at least find them useful. Have a good evening.

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