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Stop the ACLU Blogburst 3.26.2008

This is today's Stop the ACLU Blogburst. I am going to post it here, because it is very disturbing. I live in California, and I remember the fights we've had with them over the tiny Cross in the LA county seal and the Cross at Mt. Soledad. Now they are spending our tax dollars to honor these atheist, Stalinist thieves? This is simply disgusting.

Happy ACLU Day San Diego!
by Jay @ 8:15 pm on March 26, 2008.

Yes, even after the ACLU cost them over $900,000 in city tax dollars in their attack on the Mt. Soledad cross, the San Diego City Council voted yesterday to pass a resolution “commending the American Civil Liberties Union of the San Diego and Imperial Counties for its continuous advocacy for the rights and freedoms of all San Diego” and proclaiming an “American Civil Liberties Union Day” in the City of San Diego. Give me a freaking break!
Two speakers opposed the recognition, including Heather Cameron, a representative of the law firm of Charles LiMandri.

LiMandri also serves as the West Coast director for the Thomas More Law Center, which along with other organizations, including the American Center for Law and Justice, donated thousands of hours of time to fight the ACLU’s demand that San Diego remove a historic cross from the Mt. Soledad Veterans’ Memorial. The case continued even after the federal government took over the site and San Diego no longer had control over it.

Cameron told the council members “one of the great myths” is that the ACLU started out as a pro-civil rights organization.

ACLU founder Roger Baldwin said, “Communism is the goal,” she told the council.

Cameron said Baldwin asserted that only a “small group of highly educated intellectuals” should dictate what everyone else believes.

In San Diego, the ACLU cost the city’s taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by raising the fight over the Mt. Soledad cross and continued the battle even after 76 percent of the voters supported maintaining the cross where it was built.

James Hartline, a Christian activist in San Diego, also spoke. He said the proposal to honor the ACLU was “one of the most repugnant acts” ever accomplished by the council and blamed the ACLU for a “long-term campaign of hate and religious bias against Christians.”

He cited a previous case brought against the city by the ACLU in which the organization collected $900,000 from city taxpayers.

“We do not want our names to be used to honor the American Civil Liberties Union,” Hartline said. “You are doing so in our name.”

A bipartisan team of council members, Tony Young and Brian Maienschein, opposed the resolution, and Jim Madaffer did not vote. The other five members – Kavin Faulconer, Atkins, Donne Frye, Ben Hueso and Scott Peters – went along.
Hmmm…maybe everyone will dress in orange jumpsuits and waterboard one another in the streets to commemorate the day.

Rick Roberts rants so I don’t have to:
Hey, San Diego! How will YOU celebrate ACLU Day? What, you haven’t prepared? Well, our local government sure did!

The City of San Diego took nearly one million dollars of your tax dollars to officially tell the ACLU, ‘as a city, we love you.’

What kind of representation is this???

OUR San Diego City Council voted IN FAVOR of an ACLU ‘Day of Honor’ just yesterday.

Kavin Faulconer, Toni Atkins, Donne Frye, Ben Hueso and Scott Peters all believe that we as a community should embrace 75 years of the American Criminal Liberties Union.

Is this accurate representation of OUR community?!

I think not. We’re not San Francisco. At least not yet. I would even go so far as to say that the City of San Diego isn’t exactly into defending illegal aliens, terrorists, and Fred Phelps…
Absolutely outrageous that a city counsil would vote for a day like this after the ACLU sucked them dry. Talk about representatives taking no account for the opinion of citizens they are supposed to represent. I mean, if they put it up for the people to vote they know it would never pass. Sickening. The San Diego city council should have their phones ringing off the hook.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin!

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