Friday, March 14, 2008

Uncle Jimbo and Kev's Friday Freefly

These two guys are wonderful. Today Uncle Jimbo and Kevin are going to discuss General Fallon's resignation and Governor what's his name's prostitutes. A little on the side is that question that seems to bother more than them. Why do these women stand silently by? Even for the camera shot at the resignations! I would be up there smacking the crap out him, but that's just me. ;)

UPDATE I: If you are liveblogging the IVAW's Winter Soldier II, please inform Laughing Wolf (e-mail: wolf1 AT laughingwolf DOT net) and/or anyone else over at Blackfive's site by mentioning 'info on liveblogging: IVAW' in the subject line. Also Michelle Malkin I'm not sure of her e-mail address, and if I Thank you.

UPDATE II: Now for a serious note. I found this over at Michelle Malkin's: Winter Soldier II: The curtain opens; Plus: More on the anti-recruiter war Update: Pinkos disrupt Move America Forward press conference; while searching for liveblogging on the IVAW (Iraqi Vets Against the War) 'Winter Soldier II' event. This is a video originally from Move America Forward.

Here are some links from Move America Forward that would be worth you while to view. That is, if you really do support the troops.


+ Comment on violent acts of anti-war protestors - HERE
+ CNS News: 'Military Recruiters Are Under Attack,' Group Says - HERE
+ Melanie Morgan's column on recruting center attacks - HERE
+ Catherine Moy on MAF's fight against counter-recruitment - HERE
+ Tell Fox's Jamie Colby what you think of the attacks - HERE
Let us not forget why we are here, nor how we got here. It was because of brave men and women who have secured our right to live peaceably while they were willing to go out and do the dirty, heavy-lifting, and thankless job of keeping at bay. Be grateful, be very grateful to them. I know I am.

UPDATE III: Dear me! In the middle of all this, I almost forgot to mention that the Veterans For Freedom are kicking off their National Heroes Tour today! They will be starting at San Diego, CA, at 6 pm, but they are already there. They are also on the radio with Hugh Hewitt (KRLA 870am). Be there. ;)

I just couldn't let you go without first seeing this by Uncle Jimbo:

PS. Hurry up! You still have time to get there. The concert on the USS Midway doesn't even start until 6:30 pm. Get going! Take pictures, videos, report back to me (PLEASE! lol). Have a great time.

They will be stopping at 15 states before showing up in DC, the same time that General Petraeus will be giving testimony on the state of the war in the theatre of Iraq. Why do I say it like that? Because this is not 2 different wars. This is one war with many theatres. Deal with it. We must.

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