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Vets for Freedom Update: 3.4.08

Vets for Freedom has a very good website for which you can visit to keep up to date with what is happening with them and the world. They also have a blog in which Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom, is blogging from the streets of Iraq! I will list the most recent posts, but I implore you to add them to your site.

This is a list of the news:
A Surge To Help Afghanistan - Sen. Joeseph Lieberman: The Washington Post, 03/04/2008
Betrayed by State - Owen West: New York Post, 02/29/2008
A Neighborhood, Reborn - Pete Hegseth: National Review Online, 02/28/2008
Lessons on the Long War - Pete Hegseth: National Review Online, 02/26/2008
Two Winnable Wars - Anthony H. Cordesman: The Washington Post, 02/24/2008
This next list is of the posts which Pete has written:
Iraq Summer 2 - The Revenge: The Massive New Anti-War Effort And What You Can Do To Stop It by Josh Levy, 03/04/2008; Guest VFF.
Back in Iraq: Sons of Iraq, 03/01/2008; Pete Hegseth (NRO Posts)
Back in Iraq: A Neighborhood, Reborn, 02/28/2008; Pete Hegseth (NRO Posts)
Back in Iraq: Lessons on the Long War, 02/26/2008; Pete Hegseth (NRO Posts)
Back in Iraq: Fewer Bodies on the Ground, 02/24/2008; Pete Hegseth (NRO Posts)
They are also having a gathering of Veterans all over America to encourage us to keep up the fight here at home so they can finish the job they were sent to do. Become a part of this movement. Here are some of the details:
Join Vets for Freedom on March 14 at 6:30 pm for the National Heroes Tour Kickoff Concert Hosted by Oscar Winner Jon Voight on the deck of the historic USS Midway in San Diego.

*This tribute to the men and women of the United States Military will include performances by Skydiving Innovations, a high performance jump team comprised of former Navy SEALs and Special Forces*

*F-18 Fighters are scheduled to flyover courtesty of the United State Navy*

*Stay and enjoy the American Hitmen. A San Deigo band comprised of United States Marines*

The Heroes Tour will include appearances by:

COL Bud Day, Medal of Honor recipient and former POW.

David Bellavia, Medal of Honor nominee and Silver Star Recipient. Author of the war memoir, House to House.

Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL and author of the best selling book, Lone Survivor.

Steve Russell, the batallion commander who led the capture of Saddam Hussein.

**The entertainment and food will be free from 6:30 to 10 pm**

For More Information: www.vetsforfreedom.org.
This is going to be a fantastic tour, so please join up if you can. The sooner, the better! Have a great day.

PS. Just in case you are wondering, yes, I did forget to leave the URL for their site. Oops! Here it is: Vets for Freedom.org.

Update: Here is another I've received, and I believe it coincides with this post (if not overlaps). I will post the whole letter, even though a few of the links are already posted. This is awesome, and you should read it! ;)
Vets for Freedom members,

On Sunday I returned from Baghdad, where I reported on the situation on the ground. I had the honor of walking the streets with our brave troops, and without hesitation can report: Baghdad has been transformed. The progress we have talked about for months is real and dramatic.

I was on the ground in Baghdad for 5 days, and did not hear a hostile shot fired or hear one single explosion. It was completely different from when I was there in 2005, when gunshots and explosion were background noise.

I invite you to read my dispatches from the front, all of which can be found at National Review Online. I wrote about the lack of media attention,* the need for anti-war leaders to face the reality of Iraq,* my first hand observations on patrol in "A Neighborhood, Reborn,"* and the grassroots Iraqi surge that has taken place with the "Sons of Iraq."*

More than anything else, the trip underscored the need for veterans of this generation to communicate the need to succeed in Iraq. Thankfully, we have planned an excellent way to do it-our National Heroes Tour and Vets on the Hill.

The National Heroes Tour is gathering incredible momentum. Events are being added daily and the media are very interested in covering our stories. CLICK HERE to see the schedule, which now includes Navy Seals jumping onto the deck on the USS Midway in San Diego for the kick-off event. We hope you'll join us on the Tour.

Also, our Vets on the Hill event on April 8 is growing quickly. Over 300 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have already signed up. CLICK HERE to join us, and visit Washington, DC free-of-charge to meet with your Member of Congress and with your fellow veterans.

Special thanks to 1-4 Cavalry and 2-4 Infantry, the units who hosted me during my Baghdad visit. It was an honor to watch them operate first hand, and see how they have transformed the streets of Baghdad. Now it's our job to tell their stories.

Move out and Draw Fire.

Pete Hegseth
Executive Director
Vets for Freedom.
You guys and gals are awesome, and I admire and thank you all. God bless your families and you for your sacrifices given for our country. We are truly blessed.

* indicates that those posts are located at NRO, while the same post above is located at Vets for Freedom.

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