Saturday, April 19, 2008

Iraqi Christians find safe haven in Kurdistan

Mr. Kenneth Timmerman has written a moving article about the Christians who still in Iraq. When the terrorists came and threatened them to either pay 'jizya' (protection money) or be killed, they moved north to Kurdistan. I was very moved, for some reason, when I read this:
“Christians in Iraq need special attention, because they’ve been suffering because they are Christians,” Deputy Prime Minister Omar Fattah told Newsmax in an exclusive interview in Erbil. “Maybe we give some instructions to others where they can go, but to Christians, never, because we are not afraid they will be terrorists.”

I had a mixture of emotions when I read that. They came fast and furious. It started as joy for the Christians safety and good-will, then anger at how we are treated there and here, then dismay at their plight, then confusion. If no one on this earth, especially in places where there ARE terrorists, are afraid of Christians, then why is it people feel they have the right to insult us? Why do people abuse us? Is it because we won't fight back? AH! But we will if necessary. That couldn't be it.

Could it be that the people who insult us are so afraid of muslims coming and chopping off their heads that the only people left to abuse are Christians and Jews? YES! These people are cowards, so don't you even allow them to affect you for one moment of your life.

What these people, the ones who attack us, is for us to pray for them. Yes, that is correct. I said we should pray for these lost souls. Do you think Jesus would something different? What? I believe when He proclaimed that we should pray for the lost, the infidels, etc, He was referring to cowards as well.

Now back to Mr. Timmerman's article. Even though they have been able to find refuge in Kurdistan, it is not as easy as it would seem.
Rita and her mother learned later that he and two other Christians had been abducted at gunpoint by masked men at a roadside teahouse on the outskirts of Baiji, midway between Baghdad and the north. “He was kidnapped one year and eight days ago, and we don’t know where he is or if he is still alive. We hope that he will return,” she said.
Please pray for her family, especially her father's life. This is a terrible situation, and it breaks my heart.

Further in the article, we will discover that even though things would appear peaceful, there is still much danger to the Christians.
On Sundays, the many Christian churches in Ainkawa — some of them dating from the 9th century — are packed with worshippers. Families walk the streets without fear. Restaurants and shops are open. Even more importantly, it is the only place in Iraq where Muslims can adopt the Christian faith without fear, pastors and government officials tell Newsmax.

“All Iraq should be like Ainkawa,” said William Warda, the president of the Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights, an Iraqi group advocating for Christian political rights. But even in this safe haven, once darkness falls, metal barriers block the streets, guards with AK-47s emerge to protect the churches, and Kurdish security police control traffic trying to enter the area.

Asked about this, Deputy Prime Minister Fattah was resigned. “We are afraid of the terrorists, too.” [Continue reading.]
If that link does not work, try this one. The title of the article is, "Kurds Provide Haven for Christians."

It is quite an emotional article, for me anyway. Very good job, Kenneth. Thank you.

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