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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Report from Iraq - American Style

Michael Yon has an article published in the WSJ's Opinion Journal. If we had an American media interested in winning this global war, he would seem to be just another reporter. Not so. They are more interested in what the Leftists and the Communists think of THEM. They can't hold a candle to his reporting. He has been out there with troops since January 2005. You will find his website with all of his reporting here.

As I read his article in the Journal, I could truly feel his words. He brings to life what no one else is discussing and the other side of the news. Here is just a tease:
The change goes far beyond the statistical decline in casualties or incidents of violence. A young Iraqi translator, wounded in battle and fearing death, asked an American commander to bury his heart in America. Iraqi special forces units took to the streets to track down terrorists who killed American soldiers. The U.S. military is the most respected institution in Iraq, and many Iraqi boys dream of becoming American soldiers. Yes, young Iraqi boys know about "" [Continue reading.]
That is just downright awesome. Why are we not hearing more of this? Because no one is taking the time or the effort to go over there and report the FACTS on the ground like Michael is doing.

I know Michael did not ask this of his readers, but the only way he is able to continue his work over there is through our donations to him. Believe me, it does cost him a lot of money. He is not over there through any of our big news media. Why should they pay him? They cannot manipulate him! HooaH!

Special Signed Edition of Michael Yon's 'Moment of Truth in Iraq'If you would like to help Michael, you may do so by donating here or by buying his newly released book, 'Moment Of Truth.' I know he appreciates everything and anything we can do for him. He has personally told me so through e-mails. If you like his reporting, please help him to continue doing this work. Thank you so much! ;)

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

Today I am having an open post trackback, and you are welcome to trackback or ping an article you wish to share with others. I like to use Linkfest for this, because there are many people with good posts already up over there. It is also a good way to share your articles. Give it a go, eh? The only rule I have is that there shall be no porn. Thanks, and have a great day.

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