Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tune in: Veterans Radio Sat. 9am EST

Tomorrow morning we are going to be listening to a couple of Veteran 'Doc's' from VietNam. Most men in our Army, then and now, recognize these 'Doc's' as the bravest of the bunch. We will hear their own stories, their own challenges, their own pain and joy. Let me share with you my e-mail:

This Saturday 26 April 2008
0900 hours (9:00am) Eastern
War is hell…that’s why we have the

(Photo taken from the 100 Greatest War Photos of All Time)

The grunts will tell you the “Docs” were the bravest men they ever knew, and this Saturday you will learn why. Join host Gary Lillie as he interviews Army Medic Ray Essenmacher and Navy Corpsman Rick Whitsen; both of them combat ‘docs’ of the Vietnam War. Their stories will be graphic; and may wring out raw emotion. One thing is for sure; once you hear the stories they tell, you will thank every military person and veteran you meet for your freedom.

Tune in Saturday morning on WMAX (1440-AM, Saginaw), WDEO (990-AM, Ann Arbor/Detroit), WDEO-FM (98.5 FM, Naples, FL) or on the Internet at

Veterans Radio is dedicated to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States of America. Our mission is to provide all veterans with a voice, to give them a forum where they are able to discuss their issues…and tell their stories.

I listened last week, and I was very uplifted. Yes, it does get emotional so you may wish to have a hanky on hand, but it is really worth it. Please tune in with the rest of us. Hope to hear you there. ;)

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Posts that have trackbacked to this post: Saturday morning's radio program features a couple of Veteran 'Doc's' from VietNam. They are our Heroes who saved many lives. They are revered by the troops, and you are invited to tune in to hear their side of the story. Have a nice day

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