Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fighting in South Sudan may ignite civil war?

In my last post, I covered the basics of Sudan. I told you about the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between Muslim North Sudan and Christian native black South Sudan which was signed on April 8, 2005. Now the Sudanese government has moved into an oil-rich southern town with its army to take over the oil which is in dispute between the two governments over its borders (North and South), and the fighting has broken out again. Will there be another civil war? Will the South finally win so the media can stop calling the Christians rebels?

I do not know. I pray the Christians kick their behinds once and for all. Enough is enough.

Okay, maybe I need to do better job of explaining, just in case you didn't read this article. The Muslim North Sudan was in a state of civil war with the native black Christian South from 1956, when they received their freedom the UK, until 1972. Then they began another civil war 11 years later which lasted ~22~ years with the Southern native black Christians. Two million people perished. Haven't you heard? The USA didn't do it, the freakin' Arabs did! I guess that's why it didn't bother anyone that the Muslims were committing genocide against CHRISTIANS. They were also native to the land, which means the ARABS were not. Enough said, eh? Not on your life. I will talk about this until someone who can do something about it hears me!

If you would care to read the articles about this situation, here are a few: Fighting in Sudan town raises civil war fears, Sudan: Fighting resumes between army and former southern rebels in oil-rich town of Abyei, Fighting in Sudan oil town kills 21 soldiers-army - SignOnSanDiego.com, and Same article just before this one, only this is on WordPress. I do this in case the article disappears. This has happened before, if you couldn't tell. I like to be able to read my sources, not find them gone!

BTW, these articles will not say what I've stated so clearly here, and that is because of the Muslims. The media is government owned. Imagine if our press was government owned? I can only shudder to think how many people would be behind bars! Why do these so-called reporters allow them to control what they write? Because they are so-called reporters! Now if you really want to know what is going on in Sudan, you must watch it carefully to know when and who is lieing. You can usually assume it is the government but not always. Try the religious groups in the area. (I'm sorry, but I can't find any right now. I've been at this article since yesterday, and it's time to move on to today.)

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