Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Okay, it finally happened

I've been blogging since July 5, 2004, and I promised in 2005 that I would post everyday. Even if it was only to say hi, even when I was sick, I managed to keep that promise...until yesterday. Why was I not blogging, you ask? ARE YOU NUTS? I was blogging my butt off! I had to re-do many of the blogs wrote MONDAY! As I was doing this late into Tuesday morning (there's a story in there, too), my computer froze up, I was thrown offline a number of times, and I was still typing my heart out in the hopes that I may...just able to post something. But Nooooo.

What was it that happened Monday that had me in such a tizzy? I was supposed to have my post for Tuesday's blog over at Eagles Up (named the Talon) ready to be posted in the afternoon the day before it is due. Well. All these things sure didn't help! Then I had to rewrite much of it.

By the time I was ready to turn it in (it's still Monday morning), I can't login. Huh? I tried every password I've ever used, every ID I've ever used, and I used every combination. Nothing! Panic had already sunk in.

I sent away for a lost password, but I never received an email. That's probably because I am NOT the editor! These guys are so wonderful. They helped me out, and they even forgave me! I am on warning, though. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN! (I'm exaggerating.) There's a reason why I should not allow this to happen again. I am supposed to be responsible!

And that brings me back to the start of this post. I am responsible to have a post (or two or three...) up there for you to read. That is my promise to you and to myself. Did I tell you why I made that promise? No? Okay. I was playing too many games when I first started, and I felt that I was neglecting my friends. Also, I did not want to become addicted to those stupid games. It was great discipline. It only took me three and a half years to break my 2005 New Years Eve Resolution. (Now that it happened, I can tell what and why it was.)

My new pledge. I am going to keep the old one. I promise to write everyday EXCEPT in cases of extreme emergency (hospitalization, no computer, etc.). It is very stressful, but in a sick way I like it. Ouch! ;)

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