Friday, June 6, 2008

NGAUS History

This statement was made by Maj. Gen. William H. Harrison Jr., NGAUS president, following President Kennedy’s message to the American people in August 1961.

The nation can look for the National Guard to respond to the President’s call for active duty and increased readiness with the same spirit and dedication with which our citizen-soldiers served in past emergencies, from Concord to Korea.

In this instance, the Army and Air National Guard units called can be mobilized faster and more rapidly brought to full combat-readiness because they are now at the highest level of training ever achieved by Reserve Components.

Our Air National Guard is at an especially high level of operational-readiness and capable of almost immediate deployment. To sustain its active duty operations at maximum combat efficiency, however, will require new and even more modern equipment than it now has, and increased logistical support.

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