Monday, September 13, 2004

AP Reports on nuclear weapons

This is an article I found to be of great concern. This is the difference between talking and action, the UN and the US, death and life, Kerry and Bush. Which do you prefer?
U.S. Wants Iran to Go Before U.N. Council

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - ...U.N. atomic watchdog send Iran before the U.N. Security Council for refusing to freeze... nuclear weapons.

...Oct. 31 deadline....meant to force Iran to dispel all suspicions...of making nuclear arms in violation of treaty commitments.

...demands "complete, immediate and unrestricted access" to all sites and information...probe into Iran's nearly 2-decade-long clandestine nuclear program. end nuclear programs...(of the) production of atomic weapons, such as uranium enrichment.

...complete list of nuclear materials and know-how it imported, along with the black market suppliers, and the "immediate suspension" of all uranium reprocessing and activities related to uranium enrichment.(...)

...not directly threaten to refer Iran to the Security Council, ...Oct. 31 deadline would make clear...if Iran failed...


An explosion in North Korea last week that produced a 2-mile-wide mushroom cloud...a Bush administration official said there were indications the North is trying to conduct a test. ...
A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, ...seeking the support of other governments to bring Iran to the Security Council, where it would face possible sanctions. ...

The European Union, long opposed to such a move, appeared to be inching toward Washington's position...

...Russia, however, said it opposed sending the Iranian matter to the Security Council at this point.

Fischer, Barnier and 23 other EU ministers meeting in Brussels, Belgium, had hoped Iran would compromise. ...Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said his country would not halt uranium enrichment. ...Iran could guarantee it was not seeking nuclear arms, an assurance the United States and its allies have dismissed as inadequate. ...
I have left out some of the article due to ethical reasons, however these are serious times. We must remain delicately diplomatic while always on the ready. This is one job I don't believe I would ever want, but a job that I admire the person who does it. And does it well.

Amiss all the things that I don't agree with President Bush, I don't see how I could not vote for him. He has led, he has lifted us up from the ashes of September 11, 2001, and he has freed over 50 million people. I don't believe he is about to stop there.

Iran is demonstrating for freedom, when they are not getting murdered or jailed by the Mullahs. North Koreans are eating bark off trees, because they have no food while their nut of a dictator sips liquor and loves all things western. They are trying to escape, even though the penalty for escaping is the gulag, or if they are lucky, death. So I have heard.

There are so many countries that are run by dictators, and if we put them in power-it is our responsibility to take them out. People all over the world are looking to us. To America. The USA. We are their shining city on a hill. Let us not them down by voting for Kerry or listening to the whiney French. We must think beyond ourselves and our pocketbooks. Let us not be so selfish. Thank you, and may His peace be with you always.

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