Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Emergency Prayer Request

Today I have learned that a friend of mine has a need for many prayers, and I am counting on you to come through for him and me. This has to do with a young man who was in a motorcycle accident, and the doctors do not believe he will make it through the night. We, on the other hand, know better. How? Because we know the perfect Physician! Let us pray.
A young man my oldest daughter attended college with is on his death bed. He was in a motorcycle accident recently and has suffered a traumatic brain injury. My family loves this young man; he has spent fall break at our home while they were still in college. The doctors do not believe ******* will make it through the night; we are praying of course for a miracle healing but if not, I pray the Lord takes ******* home peacefully and He gives His gracious and merciful comfort to the ******* family.

Thank you in advance beloved.

In Christ


Ps. 37:4
If you have any doubts before you pray, look around you. What do you see? Do you believe that it came into existence out of nothing? Do you believe that God created all the wonders in this universe? Do you believe you have all the answers? Do you know where to find the answers? If you answered the Bible to that last question, you are correct. Put your faith, hope, and love into the Bible, and the doubt should slip away.

Do not do this nonchalantly! Seek truth, seek light, seek Jesus Christ. He has promised to meet your needs, so why would He not hear our cries to Him about this young man?

His name and his family's name have been edited out because I do not want them to be harassed. If you would like their names to help you in your prayers, just e-mail me. I know who you are. ;)
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