Friday, July 11, 2008

Warning: MOPH Service Foundation is NOT MOPH

There has been an issue that came up recently, and people who do not know the difference can very easily be taken by this. MOPH stands for Military Order of the Purple Heart (and it is led by fellow Eagle and Special Forces soldier Henry Cook of Shreveport, LA), and MOPH Services Foundation stands for FRAUD another group who works to help our Soldiers as well, although it is not related to the Military in anyway.

Henry received word of this, and this is the result:
Larry Bailey:

A late follow up—Dick Esau, the Executive Director of the MOPH service Foundation was terminated on July 7, 2008—it seems that embezzlement is in the air too. More to follow. But this basic fact needs to get out to all veterans–

Yours in Patriotism,
De Oppresso Liber
Henry J. Cook, III
I want everyone to know about this, and please know that this situation is going to be corrected. You have people watching your back all over the place. We may not be out there on the battlefield with you, but I swear to all I can stateside for as long I'm alive. God bless you all!

After reading this, you will see that only one person was relieved of their job. That should not tarnish the whole organization. Not the way I did. I understand I can get carried away when it comes to our Military men and women, but I should at least give them time to straighten out their own affairs. Otherwise, I end up hurting the rest of the people who are doing good things to help our men and women. We are on the same team. I get so upset when other people jump the gun. So I hope you can understand the deep regret, disappointment, and sorrow I truly feel. This deserves much more than a correction, this deserves an apology. I apologize. Please forgive me, and have a nice day.

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May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can.

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