Monday, August 18, 2008

An American Carol

You will never believe what Hollywood has come up with next. This new film named, 'An American Carol', is a Conservatives rebuttal to Michael Moore's debasing of America. (Hat tip: Angel of Woman Honor Thyself.)

Finally, the Conservatives in Hollywood got fed-up with hiding, and now they are coming out of the woodworks. Well, some more slowly than others, but they are coming out. They are tired of listening to the whining and hatred for our beloved matter who is in White House.

This movie is making its debut October 3, 2008, and its cast is a wide variety of people you may not have thought of as Conservatives...until after you see this movie. Here is a preview:
Angel has a great post over at her site, An American Carol: HollywooD TakeS on the Left. Thanks for the heads-up, dear!

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