Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gregg Jackson Moves Forward

I know I'm not supposed to be typing, but I must let you know about this exciting and intelligent radio host who is opening his new program tonight at 8 pm (PCT) sharp! (Sun. Aug. 31, 2008.) He used to be in Mass. with Kevin on the Pundit Review (who is still on the radio at 680 am every Sunday night from 7-10 pm EST), but Gregg is moving forward to share a different aspect of life as a Christian. He is a very good man, so please tune in tonight to boost his ratings. Even if you are not a Christian, you will find him interesting. He is like us, very opinionated! LOL.

Here is the information you will need. You can listen to him on livestream. The show starts at 8 sharp. (I know, but I had to repeat it, lol.) Jodi and Friends appear on the schedule, so I do not know if Gregg is going to appear with her or not, but that's okay. The phone numbers to call in are 1-888-522-5664 or 1-800-736-4177. The URL is 98.3 FM - KDAR The Christian Station. Just click on "On Air Now", and it will bring you to the stream. Hope to hear your calls! Have a great evening.

UPDATE: Good news. I got the days wrong. He will be on the radio TOMORROW, Sun. Aug. 31, 2008. This way, you still have time to hear his program! ;)

UPDATE II: Above the On Air Now is a link to whichever program is on at that time. If you click THAT link (which tells you the show that's on), you will be able to get sound. I had a pickle of a time trying to listen to the program by just clicking On Air Now. Just wanted to let you know. ;)

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