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Thursday, August 28, 2008

'I Am The Surge'

The Vets For Freedom have created a fabulous video to be displayed at both conventions, the Democrats and the Republicans, plus several other states in days to come. Take a listen.
David Bellavia and Pete Hegseth are at the DNC Convention right now, and next week they will be at the RNC Convention. There message is a simple one. Support their success, and the success of all the troops, by supporting the bi-partisan resolution introduced by Senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham recognizing the success of the Surge and expressing gratitude to the men and women who made it possible as soon as the Senate returns from its five week vacation. (Senate Resolution 636, introduced July 31, 2008).

As the ad mentions, please call Senator Obama’s office today (202-224-2854) and ask him to support our troops by supporting Senate Resolution 636.

PS. Don't forget to sign-up to join the today. Just leave your e-mail address with them. Also, there were eight Vets who back to Iraq a while ago. They are now back, and you can read about what they saw, what changes have occurred, etc, by going to Back To Iraq. It is a great site, and I highly recommend it. Have a great day!

PS. Please pass this on. I don't care if you copy the whole thing, just get it out there. Thanks. ;)

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