Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let’s Stop Politicizing Our Troops

I’ve been doing some soul-searching as of late, and I’ve come to the conclusion that we are never going to move forward as long as we allow the politicians and ourselves to politicize our Troops. They come from ever State, every religion, every background, every ethnicity, etc. It is not fair to lump them all into one box and only see them as one constituency.

I would really like to have discussions about the best way to deal with situations that are right in front of us. I would also like to discuss those areas of concern, which are not right in front of us. Say perhaps, China, which may become important. I would like to be able to speak with everyone on the political spectrum as though we were all considering what is in the best interest for America. That includes our Troops, in my humble opinion.

Why is this important? It is important because we all need to pull together during a time of great disruption and war. It seems as though the only people’s lives that have been affected during this war we are in trying to defeat the jihadis is the Troops and their families.

Yes, there are many who support the Troops and even some who may suffer a tiny pinch in their wallets doing for them what they can as far sending care packages, etc. But is that really feeling the pinch? The stress? The pressure? The loneliness? The fear? The sense of satisfaction after a successful mission well done? Do we even know how they have built over 3000 schools and hospitals?

Do they know how many al Qaida have been removed from the battlefield, never to return? Do they care anymore? Does anyone remember there is still an ongoing war that we did NOT start? No, half the country does not, because it has become political.

Once any topic becomes political, most Americans prefer to tune out of the conversation. This is not good for America or her interests. This is why I recommend, as hard as it may be, that we return to a non-political, non-partisan site at the Talon. I would like it to be a place where people may come to find news without all the political stuff they’re tired of hearing.

We do want them to care. We do want them to be informed. We do want them to get involved. Therefore we must try our best not to offend them and insult their intelligence. I know I do not like it when the Left does it to me, and it just isn’t right.

If someone calls us ‘right-winged whack jobs’, we tune out automatically. At least I do, because I know whatever comes next is biased, untrue, tainted, and on and on. How do we think this effects our readers? At least the other half? If we really want them to understand and have a dialogue with us, we must first show them respect. Why? Because they are also Americans. Isn’t that enough reason?

Off Topic: Mind you, I’ve been offline for approximately 30 hours now, and you won’t know this until way after this is due. Apparently my ISP is having a problem, and they won’t be able to send someone to my home until August 13! Oh my God, I’m going to lose my mind! ;)

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