Monday, August 4, 2008

The Red-Headed Stepchildren, courtesy of 'Bob'

My friend, 'Bob', who was stationed in Afghanistan, has written another wonderful article which opens my eyes to yet another set of problems which seems to be a regular occurrance in this counterinsurgency global war. How do we fight it? If we continue with this VietNam thinking, we are not going to get very far, as far as success goes. So what do we need to change? Attitudes.

This is not an easy task, especially when it comes to those who are experienced or 'older'. They have learned the 'Army' way, and they're sticking to it. This can create problems for those ETT's and PMT's. These are people who have been assigned to special duties that many in the Army do not respect, well, at least not at first.

They may be denied access to equipment, firepower, vehicles, housing and all things necessary to complete their missions. This causes very dangerous problems, IMHO. Why are they not respected? Because they do not come in attached to this detail or that detail. They don't have that special patch. They do the work others would rather not do, because it may be demeaning in their opinion. (Where have I heard this before? Oh yes, doing the jobs that Americans won't do. Hmm. Ya wanna bet?! Back to the topic.)

'Bob' has written two comments on Argghhh!'s site and reposted them (both the article and the two comments) over at his own site. The title of this piece is, "Argghhh! And The Red-Headed Stepchildren."

I must admit that I did not understand some of the initials, but I figure that's okay. He writes in a way that even a civilian like me can get the gist. There are so many valid points that he makes, both good and bad, that I believe you should read the whole thing for yourself. Then, if it tickles your fancy, maybe you can come on back here and let me know what you think. That is, after leave a comment for him, of course. lol.

'Bob' is a great man, and he is my hero. So if I have a tendency to write about him more than I should over at The Talon, please let me know. I'll be very upset, mind you! But I trust your judgement. (Please don't tell me that!) Thank you, and have a very blessed day.

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