Friday, September 12, 2008

Breaking News: Two Trains Crashed Head-On

A freight train and a metro-link train crashed into each other head-on coming around a blind curve going toward Ventura County. The freight train was going in the opposite direction. Who was at the switch? This accident occurred in Southern California. is streaming this live, but be forewarned. It is live TV, and you may see some things you do not want to see. If you have children, TURN OFF THE TV.

There are at least 75 firefighters and many Sheriffs attending to this horrible accidents. It occurred around Heatherlee Lane and the 118 freeway. Twenty-three people have been injured, at least 10 are critically injured, and three are confirmed dead. PLEASE do not let you children watch this.

When the two trains collided, a great big fire broke out. One of the trains was going at least 40-55 miles per hour, and I do not know the speed of the freighter. Damn. They have just confirmed one more death.

The firefighters were able to put out the fire rather quickly after some difficulty getting to them. The passenger train is was a double-decker, and they do not know how many people to account for. They are using the jaws of life to free some the passengers, and they are using a white sheet to drape the dead. Damn.

Some people heard this, and they feared it was another attack. I guess we have not moved on from that awful day. Not really. Not in our guts.

What I would like know is this. WHO THE HELL IS AT THE SWICTH??? Do you not need permission to use a track? What if someone else is using it? WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THIS STUPID WORLD? And you want me to TRUST the GOVERNMENT with my TRANSPORTATION??? HA! That will be a cold day in hell...

There are helicopters for those most critically injured, about 7 of them, and there are ambulances for the rest of them. People from the neighborhood are coming to the aid of everyone by bringing water and trying to stay out of the way. It is really the best thing they can do at this time.

If you are searching for a loved one, you may find them at North Ridge Hospital. The more serious injuries are being taken to Harbor General UCLA.


Update I: To find a lost loved one, you may use this number FAMILIES ONLY call: 1-800-371-5465. You may not be able to get all the details, but they may be able to direct to someone who can help you. They are talking too fast for me! I hate this.

Also, some people have been taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA and Providence Holy Cross. They are filling up the hospitals so quickly that I cannot keep track of all of them. I THINK they Northridge Hospital (4 victims, prepared for more) is full, and there are several others. There are also 7 confirmed deaths. I want answers for this. There is NO reasons a passenger train should have to worry about a freight train smashing the whole first car into the second car. That is what happened here. Like I stated, I want answers. Who is responsible for keeping the tracks clear?

PS. I would also like to know if this what we have to look forward to in case of a terrorist attack? Has anyone else given this a thought? Yes, the firefighters and police officers are doing the best they can, but it is far below the standard I expect to see. One crash and the whole town is shut down? What if there were another accident? What about the looters? What about the rest of the county? (I just happen to be a citizen of this county, so I have a right to know! Oops. This is not my county, but I still need to know. It is very close.)

Please understand that the information I am giving you is what I am getting as it comes. I am filling in some areas the night progresses. Apparently, there were between 300--450 people, and one man was in the 1999 Glendale train crash. If you see him, get off the train! No, just make sure no other trains are around...

Update II: There are now saying that 10 have been confirmed dead, but that number may jump to at least 20. Finding survivors underneath dead bodies. Metro was being pulled by freight train? Trioge area is full of injured people, no, it is almost empty. Many people in shock. Injured number may rise to 50 or more.

Hurrice Ike is still coming, but people have stayed because the idiots have stated it is only a 2, whatever that means. This storm is hundreds of miles wide. GET OUT OF THERE WHILE YOU CAN. Too much death. Too much. Unnecessary.

Update III: DONATE BLOOD. Red Cross (310) 445-9900.

A law enforcement has lost his life. Please have a moment of silence for him and all the others. He was on the train.

Update IV: It has just been confirmed that 24 have died, there are many more bodies still inside the train, there are 40 people in the hospitals listed at critical, and there are many more injured but not critically. There is a video of the Union Pacific train coming toward the train, and I want the name of that person. There is a preliminary cause of the accident. It is engineer error on the behalf of the Metrolink driver. He/she ran a red light, and that caused the accident. This is PRELIMINARY. The NTSB has arrived half an hour ago. (1:50 pm, Sept. 13, 2008.) I shall try to keep you updated as information is reported.

Oh, there is a school near the accident site, but I cannot remember its name. Some people are there to help the family members find any information that is available. Others are just waiting there. Many people are still waiting to find their family members and loved ones. This is a devasting accident. You do not want to see it if you do not have to. God help us, this does not happen again.

Please pray for all of these people to find their family members and loved one, for the injured to recover, and for the Peace that this world does not understand, because there is no other comfort except God's.

Source: My Fox, LA - Metrolink Commuter Train Collides with Freight Train in Chatsworth; Fatalities Reported and Metrolink and freight train collide, 2 confirmed dead.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.
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