Monday, September 22, 2008

NFL Stats-Week 3

These are the statistics as to where each team stands at this moment in time. We have just finished week three in this season, except for tonights game when the New York Jets will play the San Diego Chargers at San Diego. These standings will change weekly, so check with the standings category=conferences site for more information. Remember, the two conferences are the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

To see how division is faring, just go to the 'standings' button on top of the screen and wait a minute. You will be offered a choice of 'Division', 'Conference' or 'League'. Then choose the one you would like.

The stats that I am providing here are very limited. This much more information over at the NFL site. This is just the win/loss/tie stats. (I don't know how to make tables, so it looks very odd if I put all of them here.) Thank you for coming by and making me feel I'm actually doing something special. ;)

AFC North W-L-T
1. BAL 2-0-0
2. PIT 2-1-0
3. CIN 0-3-0
4. CLE 0-3-0

AFC East
1. BUF 3-0-0
2. NE 2-1-0
3. NYJ 1-1-0
4. MIA 1-2-0

AFC West
1. DEN 3-0-0
2. OAK 1-2-0
3. SD 0-2-0
4. KC 0-3-0

AFC South
1. TEN 3-0-0
2. JAC 1-2-0
3. IND 1-2-0
4. HOU 0-2-0

NFC North
1. GB 2-1-0
2. MIN 1-2-0
3. CHI 1-2-0
4. DET 0-3-0

NFC East
1. DAL 3-0-0
2. NYG 3-0-0
3. WAS 2-1-0
4. PHI 2-1-0

NFC West
1. ARI 2-1-0
2. SF 2-1-0
3. SEA 1-2-0
4. STL 0-3-0

NFC South
1. TB 2-1-0
2. CAR 2-1-0
3. ATL 2-1-0
4. NO 1-2-0

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