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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NFL Week 2: 14 Sept 08

When you look at the NFL team schedules, you also can get the channel, tickets, DirectTV, DirectTV HD, Sirus Home and Sirus Away, and Westwood One (radio). I shall provide the names of teams playing, where you can catch it, and at what time they're playing. I will also provide my picks. All times shall be EST. Let's start with the 1 pm games.

1 pm.
Team Tickets TV DirTV HD Sirius: Home Away.
*GB @ DET. Tickets. FOX 709 709 127 122
*NYG @ STL. Tickets. FOX 710 710 125 118
NO @ *WAS. Tickets. FOX 711 711 123 130
*BUF @ JAC<. Tickets. CBS 705 705 91 107
*TEN @ CIN. Tickets. CBS 704 704 144
*OAK @ KC. Tickets. CBS 706 706 113 110
IND @ *MIN. Tickets. CBS 707 707 121 129
CHI @ *CAR. Tickets. FOX 708 708 119 126
ATL @ *TB. Tickets. FOX 713 713 107 121
SF @ *SEA. Tickets. FOX 712 712 130 122
*SD @ DEN. Tickets. CBS 715 715 91 127
NE @ *NYJ. Tickets. CBS 714 714 123 126
MIA @ *ARI. Tickets. CBS 716 716 125 119
*BAL @ HOU. Tickets. CBS 717 717 113 152
*PIT @ CLE. Tickets. NBC (Sirius Home-127, Away-126.) (Radio)
Monday Night Football 8:30pm (for those who waste their money on cable) *heh*
*PHI @ CLE. Tickets. ESPN 206 73 127 126 (Radio)

My picks this weeks are going to be basically whom I believe will win. Except for the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills. I choose them all year. ;)

GB vs Detroit. Oh my. Green Bay won last week, but I did not get to watch the game. I don't know how well they played. I know the Detroit Lions did not win, but they could still pull it off. I'm going to stay with the Packers for a while longer. I think I'll just go through and pick them with the opportunity to come back and change my mind shall

I found out some news about a player. The QB for the New England Patriots is out for the season. It is a terrible thing that happened to Tom Brady. Even though I can't stand the NE Pats, I certainly did NOT want anyone to get injured. Especially not for the whole season.

NYG v STL, I'll go with NYG. I always go against STL, and I really like NYG. NO Saints v Washington, I want both of them to win. I'll pick New Orleans. No, I'll pick Washington. No, I was right the first time. (Changed my mind again, going with Washington.) BUF v JAC, Buffalo. TEN v CIN, Tennessee Titans. OAK v KC, Oakland Raiders, IND v MIN, Indiana has been pretty good, but so has Minnesota. I'll go with the home team in situations like this. Like what? Like, I can't make up my mind! Minnesota Vikings. CHI v CAR, Carolina Panthers. (If I go for the Bears, they'll lose.)

In the afternoon we have ATL v TB, and SF v SEA. I'll go with Tampa Bay Buccanneers and the Seahawks. Then at 4:15, we have SD v DEN (SD), NE v NYJ (NYJ), MIA v ARI (Arizona Falcons, but Miami Dolphins could surprise everyone), and BAL v HOU (Houston Texans, although I haven't seen either team play yet this year).

That leaves the 8:15pm game between Pittsburgh and Clevland, and Monday Night Football which is sporting PHI v DAL. I am taking Pittsburgh against Clevland and Philadelphia Eagles over Dallas Cowboys. And that's all she wrote for now. ;)

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