Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nutso Judge, Videos: Covers Many Topics, POW/MIA

Oh my goodness. Have I got a full plate or what? I have some articles from Stop The ACLU along with some videos. I also have several videos from Blackfive and PascoGOP. What to do? Should I take up the space on my site? Should I offer the link? Decisions, decisions. Let's find out as I go along, eh?

The first article is from Stop the ACLU:
I don’t know who this guy is, but he hates Bush and the ACLU. That is rare, so I decided to link his article. Not only for the simple reason of its oddity, but he claims to have had his political speech censored by U.S. judges ordering google to block him. I don’t find that hard to believe. He claims to be a political refugee in Europe now. He’s got some wild claims, quite fantastical…but enjoyable and occasionally a few good points. Its mostly a good critique on how the ACLU is a fraud, but its sprinkled with some good ol’ Bush hate too. [Please read the whole article.]
This next one is a video about the ties and sweetheart deals between Obama and Fannie Mae. Here is the link: Dems make millions, we get stuck with billions in bills. [Here is the link to YouTube.]

Now I have some great videos from Blackfive. Five are interviews, one is an invitation to the great party in Vegas that we're missing! Here are their URL's:
Blackfive Vegas Party Invite.
Interview With Tom Kratman, Part 4.
Interview With Tom Kratman, Part 5.
Interview with Michael Z. Williamson, Part 1.
Interview with Michael Z. Williamson, Part 2.
Interview with Michael Z. Williamson, Part 3.

I also subscribe to Stuck On Stupid, and here are some of his videos:
Another Obama Gaffe Obama Promotes Negative Ads.
Brokaw Uses Jesus Was A Community Organizer Talking Point.
Rudy Giuliani: Obama's Sex Education For Kindergartners Ad.
The Complete Sarah Palin ABC Interview Part 3.
Complete Sarah Palin ABC Interview Part 2.
The Complete Sarah Palin ABC Interview Part 1.
ABC interview: Sarah Palin Talks About Hillary Clinton.
Sarah Palin ABC Interview On Bridge To Nowhere.
Fox & Friends Brad Garrett Most Offensive After The Show Show.
The ABC Sarah Palin Interview With Charlie Gibson.
Celebrity Moron Matt Damon's Opinion Of Sarah Palin.

You can subscribe to these (or one or the other) at YouTube if you wish. I love getting them on the weekend. Try it. You might like it! ;)

Now I have a very special request. Even though I am a day late and a dollar short, please remember our POW/MIA's. There is a special man I would like you to think about. His name is Eddie Jeffers, and he died on September 19, 2007 serving this country in Iraq. He was a fine son, and he has a very fine father who is immensely proud of him, but he misses his son. Please say some prayers of comfort for David and all the parents, siblings, spouses, children who are missing their loved one(s) today. Let us never forget them.

MIA/KIA Day is the third Friday of every September. Godspeed.

Hat tip: David @ Salt and Light.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Friends I have trackbacked to through Linkfest and others: Blog @ Heather Mills’ Million Dollar Vegan Fest, D=S VIDEO DUMP: a day at the range with Rush Limbaugh, Mark My Words: Obama continues his infanticide lies, Adam's Blog: The $700 Billion Bailout.

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