Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Loss For Words

Last Wednesday I wrote an article about the goings-on in Africa and what it could mean to our national security. I also made a claim that we should be more vigilant about our ports, because I was afraid the next attack would be coming from the sea. Little did I know...

On Friday I wrote about two men, a Father and son, both were receiving their Silver Stars' on Nov. 28th which they had earned for selflessly putting themselves in harms way to protect the lives of their men in a time of war. What makes this story unique is that Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jonathan Harris' Father, Retired Staff Sgt. Gary Harris, earned his medals 39 years ago. It is because of the Left and the anti-war crowd that he was denied them. (He also earned a Bronze Star.)

It is now Tuesday morning, and I haven't been able to write a thing since I posted that last one. I don't know if it is the anger building up within me or if it is the knowledge of all the sleeper cells living right below us in Mexico and in the United States, and no one that can do anything about it seems to give a damn. My friends, it is time to prepare for the worst. I am not freaking out, I am serious. If we want to save our Union, we are going to have to do it ourselves.

Now you can understand why I have been at a loss for words. This is the calmest I have stated my case. The two posts I wrote are, "Africa: The Unnoticed Threat" and "From VietNam To Afghanistan: A Family Of Heroes".

Source(s): Africa: CounterTerrorismBlog and Douglas Farah's Sub-Saharan Africa's Rising Role in Terrorism and Crime; and VietNam-Afghanistan: DVIDSHub (you must be registered).

Have a nice day. Remember, no matter what, God IS in control. Thank God!

PS. What I did not write over there was that it took me the better part of two weeks to wrap my head around what happened on September 11, 2001. I was numb. Nothing was real. When I found that my prediction came true about being attacked by sea (except not on our shores), that really shook me. I don't know why, I was expecting it. Or was I? Do I place that must trust in a corrupt government that only pretends to listen 'we the people' just before election day? I sure as heck hope not! Man up, get your plans ready as to where to meet in case of an attack (try to agree on an out of state relative to call, it's better and easier), stock your pantries and your arms, have enough water for at least a month, and for God's sake, DON'T tell anyone you have it.

Why not? Because when you need, you could get killed for it. That's why not. I know it sounds cruel, but other people have the same option as you do. Just because you were smart does not mean you have to lose everything you planned for in one day. And it will be gone in one day if others find out you are prepared. Take in any orphans, though. Never allow the children to suffer. They have already been through so much.

Why am I writing as if this is a sure fire thing that is going to happen? If you have to ask that question, no explanation I would give you would suffice. You are pathetic. Just wait around to be led. Do not bother those of us who understand the world and the reality of the global war we are facing. Here is a list from "SURVIVAL GEAR & TERRORIST ATTACK" By Tuhon Bill McGrath:
H KIT: Home kit. The good folks at Special Forces estimate that only 1 in 10 would survive if they tried to live off the land in an emergency. Therefore, your survival goal is to get home and stay at home if at all possible after a terrorist attack.

1. Stored food. I keep bagged or boxed staples like white rice (lasts longer than brown), dried beans, dry soup mix, pasta, powdered milk, etc. in new aluminum garbage cans in my basement (the cans protect the items from the occasional mouse that wanders indoors during cold weather). On shelves I keep canned items like Spam, corned beef hash, canned soups and desserts like canned fruit cocktail. These are things we eat around my house anyway, rather than specialty storage foods like MREs. I keep enough on hand to last for one month if we ate only those items. This might be more than you would need after a terror attack, but I have relatives who live closer to danger zones than I do and they have a standing invitation to come to my house in times of trouble. (Many of my SF friends suggest keeping a much longer supply of food and water. Bio weapons should clear within two weeks and a dirty bomb can deny access to an area for years; so you’ll have to decide what is most likely for your needs in your area). I do know of some people who keep supplies of MREs on hand, but this entails having a “survival meal day” once a week to keep supplies fresh. Not a bad idea, if you can get your family to eat the things. Most of my “regular” stored food will last one year in the cool of my basement. I write either the expiration date (as X 7/15/05) with a red perma-marker on the can if it has a date listed, or the purchase date (as P 6/12/04) if it does not. If you have young children, don’t forget comfort foods like cookies and candy. A little goes a long way in making a hard time easier for little ones.

2. Water. We use well water at my house for everything except drinking (and could do this in a pinch), so we would be less effected by a terrorist attack on a public water supply than most people. We use a water cooler for our drinking water and buy 5 gallon bottles for it, but if I needed to leave home in an emergency these bottles would go with me. One gallon per person per day is the amount most survival guides suggest to store at a minimum, but my Special Forces friends say that two gallons per day is more realistic. Based even on the lower figure, I would need to keep 90 gallons on hand for a one month supply for my family of three. Instead of this, I have split my emergency water supply between bottles and a water filter/purifier. To conserve water, I also have stored paper plates & cups, plastic utensils, and disposable cleaning products like baby wipes and paper towels. (If you need to store a large amount of water www.nitro-pak.com has 55 gallon drums made of food grade plastic).

3. Power. After a winter storm left us without power for a week, I got an electric generator. In an emergency this will keep the power going while we eat the perishable food in the refrigerator and keep the furnace running in cold weather.

4. Warmth. In addition to the usual blankets, I have a sleeping bag for each member of the family. If winters are cold by you, (and you don’t have a generator and live in your own home and can afford the installation) a woodstove is a good backup heat source. If you live in an apartment, be careful of kerosene heaters, as they will cause a fire if knocked over. If you must use one, then have a safety plan of how and where to use it and keep an ABC rated fire extinguisher nearby. Don’t forget to keep the room well ventilated as, by their nature; kerosene heaters are eating up oxygen as they operate. Invest in a battery powered CO2 alarm and keep it in the room while the heater is operating.

5. Large first aid kit. Qt bottles of first aid liquids like alcohol, witch hazel, contact lens saline solution (this is plain saline good for eyewash and irrigating wounds), etc.

6. Toiletries. I have extra items in this category, mainly so I will miss the same crowds at the warehouse stores who rush in to buy pallets of toilet paper before every winter storm (not that I have anything against buying toilet paper by the pallet, I just don’t like crowds).

7. Non-electric board games and playing cards (watching bad news on TV all day can be demoralizing, plus you’ll need something to pass the time if the power goes out).

8. 5 mil clear plastic sheeting (found in the paint dept of Home Depot). If terrorists hit a chemical plant or explode a tanker truck in your area and evacuation is impossible, seal off your home by duct taping the plastic to home openings (windows, doors, fireplace, attic vents, etc). Wind and sunlight will disperse, break down or at least significantly weaken, most airborne hazardous chemicals in a few hours. By that time, authorities should know what chemicals were released and should be broadcasting over local radio what your next steps should be.

9. Back up cook stove. If the power goes out, I have a charcoal barbeque grill and a cord of firewood. In addition, a two burner Coalman camp stove and propane tanks allow me to cook indoors. [Read the whole article. It's better than those survival kits I checked out!]
It is an awesome article, and he covers just about every area of concern. That is because his article is based upon a terrorist attack and not just a simple camping trip!

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.
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