Thursday, December 11, 2008

MoI HR Inspectors Receive Recognition

Release No. 081211-01
December 11, 2008
Contact: PAO.
DSN: 318-852-1332
IRAQNA: 0790-194-0270

MoI Human Rights Inspectors receive recognition (MNSTC-I)

– Six Ministry of Interior Human Rights Inspectors were recognized Tuesday for their accomplishments within the Human Rights Directorate; representing another significant step for capacity building within the ministry. Brig. Mark Castle, Directorate General, MoI Transition Team, presented Mr. Hashem, Lt. Col. Mohammed, Lt. Col. Sajjad, Lt. Col. Yahya, Commissioner Ali, and Capt. Nazar, with certificates. These recipients were instrumental in major improvements to the MoI Human Rights Program. “The accomplishments of this directorate are evident,” said Castle. “Iraq has made major strides in human rights.”

Under the guidance and support of Hashem, MoI Human Rights Director, these inspectors performed numerous detention center inspections, visiting several thousand detainees from May to October 2008. The Human Rights Directorate is responsible for inspecting detention centers to identify possible human rights violations. Inspectors ensure detainees receive proper food, clean water, and have access to medical treatment as well as ensuring detainees have access to judges. "This directorate is making a big difference,” said Maj. Benny Landfair, MoI-TT human rights advisor. “They are raising the awareness in human rights for the Ministry of Interior, which will help build public trust throughout Iraq.”

Source: MNF-Iraq.

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