Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Americans Have NOT Changed

Many times I hear how much we as Americans have changed, and I would like to challenge this notion with a few facts.

First of all, does anyone remember September 11, 2001? New York City was transformed that day, but its citizens were not. Many people think of us as a rude, uncaring, cold people. I protest this notion!

On that day, you saw who we truly are. We are people, just like any other, who care about our neighbors whether we know them or not. Hard to believe? You have not lived amongst us then.

There is also the massive hurricane Katrina. Was it the county, state, or federal government who was first on the spot, or was it volunteers and first responders who saved some of the people you never hear about because the media only wanted to focus on what could hurt President Bush? It was us volunteers.

A side note, the press has not changed either. If it bleeds, it leads. I don't know they think this way, but they do. That is why people do not watch them anymore, and they cannot understand this simple fact. Oh well. This is one area I don't really care about (maybe). Actually, I would prefer to hear more Sully stories anytime of the week! (The man who landed the plane in the Hudson River and saved everyone's life and the plane lost both engines.)

Even before these incidences, does anyone remember the San Francisco earthquake? There was an outpouring of love throughout the United States. People sent money, food, they showed up, and more.

Does anyone remember the earthquake in Iran? I believe it was in the year 2002 or 2003. (I know there was another in the same place the next year, but I am referring to the first one.) Even though we despise their government, we do not despise their people. There was an outpouring of aid from the citizens of this country (besides the government).

Yes, when a neighbor is in need, we are there to assist without question or hesitation or a requirement to be paid back (in most cases). That is who we are. That is who we were. That is who we shall always be.

So if you want to believe the worst of us, go right ahead. That is your choice. I am just letting you know you are wrong. But then again, I am not a Leftist/Marxist, so I don't have the desire to destroy those who built me up! *heh*

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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