Friday, January 9, 2009

Taylor's Son Convicted; 97 Years

Ex-president (Charles Taylor) of Liberia's son, 'Chuckie' was convicted in October 30, 2008. He has been convicted of torture, arms trafficing, and conspiracy to torture and smuggle arms, according to a federal court in Florida. The prosection had requested 147 years in prison, but they were only to obtain 97 years. It is about time. Although he wasn't charged with the murder of any of them, his indictment alleged that he murdered at least four of ten victims.

"His case, tried in Miami, was the first brought under a 1994 U.S. law saying those accused of committing torturous acts overseas can be tried in a U.S. federal court, as long as the person is a U.S. national or is present in the United States, regardless of nationality." [Son of ex-Liberian leader sentenced to 97 years in prison, CNN]

"Taylor Jr. was tapped by his father to command an anti-terrorist unit called the ''Demon Forces'' that beat, burned and beheaded Liberian civilians from 1999 to 2003, the jury concluded.

The Miami criminal case -- which took place at the same time the father, Charles Taylor, faced a war-crimes tribunal in the Netherlands -- marked the first U.S. prosecution of torture committed in a foreign country." ['Chuckie' Taylor sentenced to 97 years in landmark torture case, by BY JAY WEAVER
jweaver AT MiamiHerald DOT com.]

(If you are interested in the CNN article, you will have to e-mail me. They seem to lose all of their articles, so I put the articles in research file.)

His father is still in the Hague waiting to be convicted on war crimes for his war crimes while he created chaos and wars while he was president of Liberia and also kept these poor people in fear for their very lives. He was captured in 2005. My, how long does it take to get over with the trial? This is one reason why I have NO faith in any of these UN phony set-ups.

I'm glad this part is finally over. It was the best we could hope for since they weren't going to impose the death penalty. They did for Nuremberg trials. Gee, we're come a long way, eh? NOT.

PS. There is a blogger who is claiming that he Chuckie was convicted of murder also. I sure as heck hope so. I have a tendency to believe this blogger more than I do the press. Why? Because CNN and the AP puts out their article, and everyone else just copies it instead of doing their own research. Yes, I received this message from CNN. That's only because they will not allow me to remove myself from their mailing list! So that's how they get their numbers! lol.

Anyway, after I get the notice from them, I google the title to find out if it's true. Then I read the other articles. Besides, as I said before, CNN has a tendency to remove their link after a certain amount of time. Oh, their articles are oh so precious! NOT. Have a nice day.

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