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VFF Reports: Israel/Iraq/Afghanistan

The Vets For Freedom (VFF) have been quite busy, and they have released some news about their observations and activities. It is always informative when I hear from them, and I am only grateful that I have the ability to share this news with you.

VFF Senior Fellow Gabe Ledeen has just returned back from Israel and provided two dispatches from the Israel-Hamas conflict (war). The first article is from the New Majority (1/27/09): Sderot, Israel is Iraq Without the Body Armor and the second is in National Review Online (1/30/09): Be Not Afraid.

This next set of articles covers the successful elections in Iraq, quite a change, eh?! This article is in the National Review Online (2/3/09): Sunnis I-Rock the Vote. This next article is not so much an article as it is VFF's Chairman Pete Hegseth appearance on the Fox News Channel discussing the coverage of this news:

[If there is a problem, you may find this video at Capt. Pete Hegseth on Fox News.]

With Afghanistan now back in the news, VFF is planning to take a trip over there to get some 'on the ground' reporting. In the meantime, there are two news pieces that should be brought to your attention. The first one about Sen. Joe Lieberman: Turning the Tide in Afghanistan, Brookings Institute. The second article can be found in the Washington Post, 1/29/2009: The Afghan Challenge. It is a pretty good article, for a change. I guess it's no longer President George W. Bush' war? *heh*

You may have noticed that I'm writing this post a might late. This last bit of information has already passed by now, but it is still pertinent. The date of this e-mail is February 5th.
Lastly, this weekend I [Pete Hegseth] will have the honor of accompanying Senator John McCain, Senator Joe Lieberman, and other Congressional/DOD leaders on a trip to Munich, Germany for the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy.

Vice-President Joe Biden will also be there, along with National Security Advisor James Jones. The future of U.S. and NATO policy in Afghanistan will be tops on the agenda, and I look forward to getting a first-hand look at our new administration’s approach on the world stage.

Move out and draw fire!
Keep turned for more information that the media thinks is too complicated for your little minds or they just have no desire to cover. (Who's mind is little now? lol) If you would like, you may read their updates at Vets For Freedom anytime you like. They accept donations. I donate monthly, and I'm poor. Do you think you may be able to spare a couple of dollars? All the work they do is only because they have the backing and support of people such as you and me. Thank you, and God bless your families and you.

Last, but certainly not least, please pray for our Armed Forces and Coalition Forces. Also, pray for their families. They are the ones usually hit the hardest, and the rest of the world seems to forget about them.

The wives, the Mothers, the children, the husbands. Pray for them to have the strength to stay together, to endure, to hold their heads up high. Pray for our men and women in the services to be strong, protected from harm, and to have wisdom when it is necessary. Sometimes I even pray that they're bullet-proof. It works!

Use your own heart-felt words, just don't forget to include them in your prayers. I know it's been a while and you may be tired, but they cannot go to sleep whilst protecting our Liberty. It is the very minimal we can, should, do. God bless!

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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