Saturday, March 28, 2009

Victory In Iraq By Omar

Some Americans say we have won the war in Iraq, others proclaim it was lost long ago. Since we are not there, why not ask someone who is from Iraq?
The Security Council resolution 1859 states, among other things, that Iraq is no longer a threat to its neighbors, region, or the world. The United States has succeeded in transforming a bellicose, autocratic state into a friendly one that is making steady progress towards becoming a self-sustaining democracy — the international community is finally coming to recognize this transformation.

This resolution is bound to make a positive impact on the domestic and regional levels. First and foremost it is a testimony to the United States’ true desire to help Iraq get on its feet and relieve it from restrictions that belong to a past era — the United States is indisputably a friendly protector of Iraq, not an occupier as many like to claim.
That, my dear friends, was written by an Iraqi. He is writing about a UN Security Council resolution that never made it to the light of day here in America or in the Middle East. Why is that? This was written on January 9, 2009. Who was president at that time? That is all you need to know. THAT IS SAD.

Everyone here wants peace for the Middle East, or so they proclaim and protest. So why is victory not newsworthy? Could it be that victory in Iraq would prove my fellow Americans wrong for believing differently than I did? Yes.

There is more written that really touches my heart.
Whereas Arab nationalists and Islamist extremists ended up with a pair of shoes, Iraqis ended up with their sovereignty, democracy, and friendship with the United States. Those hypocrites did not lift a finger to help Iraq at a time of hardship. On the contrary, they used all the means they could muster to bring democratization in Iraq and the Middle East to a halt. But despite the vicious attacks, Iraq and the United States moved hand in hand to overcome the countless obstacles and present the model of reform and democracy that is taking shape with every dispute Iraqis resolve in the parliament and every new brick they lay in a new building.

The headlines for those cynics do not go beyond the throw of a shoe, whereas my headlines look into the future and speak of a new Iraq. My headlines speak of agreements with our friends in American industries who will help us have 24 hours of electricity and equip a strong army dedicated to serving and protecting the Iraqi nation. This is a future where Iraq’s billions are used in transparent contracts to build the country and improve economic ties with our true allies and friends, not in shady deals for building palaces, supporting terrorists, and procuring tools of aggression. [Read the whole article.]
Omar and his brothers have taken us through some of their struggles and good times, and it is has been a wonderful, terrifying, worrisome, and hopeful experience for me. Maybe if everyone had been reading this blog, we would have been able to come together against the true enemy...the jihadis...instead of each other.

God bless Iraq, America, our Troops and theirs, and God bless you. May we come together now and lay down our disagreement over whether or not it was right to stop the genocide in Iraq. They are finally free and safe. I'd say that's the best we could have prayed for, wouldn't you?

PS. Please read the CNN article. If it is no longer available, you will find it over at Love America First-2 (it is sourced below).

Source: ITM: New Iraq Emerges from Tyranny and War, CNN and Love America First-2.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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